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Rahtok [Tauren]
Just doodling up a Tauren for random RP and public event participation, WIP and is subject to change without notice.

Player: Jaella

Character Full Name: Rahtok

Character In-Game Name: Rahtok

Nickname(s): The Earth-mover

Association(s): Tauren

Race: Tauren

Class: Rune-master (Warrior)

Skills and Abilities:

Enruned Fists : An unlimited duration buff, always active unless otherwise removed. Rune-masters do as much damage with their fists and feet as if they were wielding weapons. (They are there to enhance his natural strength and to make up for the lack of weapons.)

Runic Resilience : The Rune-master's skin hardens like stone, providing them with the protection equivalent to mail armour. Like Enruned Fists, this is a constant effect unless turned off. (This is the lack of armour.)

Stone Grip : Masters of unarmed combat, few can match a Runemaster in a grapple. The Runemaster pins his opponent down, forcing the enemy to target him and preventing his movement. (These are handy keep his enemies near for the brawling.)

Mark of the Bear : This rune allows Rahtok to have increased physical strength. (This rune is to allow Rahtok to have greatly increased strength.)

The 'castable' runes he knows for utility uses.

Mark of the Megalith : While active, the Runemaster's defences increase to the equivalent of plate armour. (For the tough fights, think of boss NPC's. I.E; a giant golem appears that needs to be defeated to further an event. Will not use in PC fights if request is denied.)

Runic Mending: By concentrating the arcane runic energy into himself to heal his injuries slightly, though it isn't as effective as the healing of a full-fledged healer. (The strength is enough to patch himself up enough to find better healing. Only usable on himself.)

Mark of Restoration : Using this rune on himself he is able to free himself of stun, fear, and charm effects. (Requires a threshold roll to determine success, threshold that needs to be passed depends on the condition. Example; if under the effect of a powerful fear curse from a Warlock, a threshold of 60 > needs to be rolled to break free.)

Rune Slam : By concentrating arcane runic energy into his knuckles, Rahtok is able to dish out a powerful slam. (Counts as a normal attack but it gives an extra kick to the punch.)

Age: 50

Sex: Male

Hair: A single braided beard adorns the bottom of Rahtok's chin.

Eyes: Dusk brown

Size : Tall and wide for a Tauren.


Rahtok's garment consists of leather strappings made from rawhide and other leather scavenged throughout the years to keep it in workable condition, cuts and nicks adorn the older and thicker pieces. Throughout his years his garb developed a shamanistic appearance with pieces of bones worked into the leather through straps or hard-pressed into the leather sections. Carrying no weapons and only a large dufflebag with a single belt buckled strap to keep it firmly attached to his person.

His physique is what one can expect from a Tauren entering his prime, tall, wide and muscular with his battle scars showing he's still not very world travelled yet. His manes being unkempt and shaggy while his braided chin beard is eyes groomed and well kept.

Alignment: As a Tauren, he was taught that there was only the balance. It resides in many forms and shapes of the world. When this balance is disrupted and the call for aid to restore it, he will come and attempt to restore it. He sees no difference between good and evil, only the balance. Which makes him chaotic neutral.


He is a silent and thoughtful Tauren, contemplating on many matters while he goes about his day to day life. Seeing little to no need for social contact made him reclusive and show traits of an introvert. When he goes to restore the balance of things, he speaks louder through actions than through words. But sometimes he does resort to words when a more peaceful solution seems manageable for him to achieve.


[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

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