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Rally in Stormwind [Event]
In the Stormwind streets, Goldshire, Darkshire, Sentinel Hill and Lakeshire you see posters and criers handing out fliers;

[Image: o55d94.jpg]

The Fliers and Posters both read (The pic's tiny :<)

THIS is an official invitation to the rally in the Dwarven District Hall,
Come one, come all, to where you can express your concerns of the current situation developing in the world!

If you're concerned about the recent elemental attacks, about the concerns that you heard in the streets of Stormwind, this is the place for you to be!
Sunday, Noon.

Officially Invited by;
Herr Frederich von Steinherz


Rally will take place in Stormwind, Dwarven District Hall, on Sunday, 12PM Server Time! The more people will be there on their Alliance chars the better it'll be, otherwise I will be talking to NPCs the whole time and that SUCKS.

Phasing will be provided by a GM, as well as the spawning of NPCs.

Any race and class of the Alliance only are welcome!))
[Image: 8.jpg]
((Sunday noon...Sunday. Sundae. I see what you did there.))
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
Due to the Draenic Pilgrimage event, the Rally has been postponed to 4PM server time.
[Image: 8.jpg]

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