Poll: What do you think should be changed?
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Experience rate should be increased, they consume my time for RP.
4 15.38%
Experience rate should be decreased, I like to level.
0 0%
Money drop should be increased, I don't like grinding all day.
5 19.23%
Money drop should be decreased, I like grinding all day.
0 0%
Rare item drop should be increased, I still don't like grinding all day.
5 19.23%
Rare item drop should be decreased, its rare for a reason!
2 7.69%
Everything should increase.
1 3.85%
Something should be changed.
3 11.54%
Everything should decrease.
0 0%
The rates are as they are for a reason. No need for a change.
6 23.08%
Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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Rates- Poll- what do you think?
I made one poll for all rates. Please vote and discuss.

You can chose up to four opinions.
This is just to see what everyone thinks, nothing like request as the rates will stay same.

Lets hear what you say!
[Image: irontrooperx.png]
I have to say I think the rate's and all are fairly good as they are.
Leveling Characters can be done in a reasonably short amount of time,
yet not so short that your quests become grey before you can complete the objectives. Also, you get a bit of time to see the zone :)
The Money Drops seems to be covering skills, items and repairs well, without so much dropping that money becomes pointless. And rare drops? I have no idea!
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
I would like some thing to increase.
WOTLK will come, chars will be deleted and I hate leveling them again.

I'm always for increasing experience, as players still without level 70's need some nice gear at level 40.
I rarely see rare items. I'm ok with money as I always grind with my mining and jewel-crafting.

Thats what I think
[Image: irontrooperx.png]
Hmm... I don't see an option for leaving them as they are. Interesting. The rates are as they are for a reason.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
It is not a rates server...I doubt the rates are going to change at all; the changes will have to do with storyline, content, and rp, which is what the server is about in the first place.

So yes, I'm staying with the only option that isn't listed here - there's no need for a change.
Live your own life; you die your own death
Gold drop I wouldn't mind seeing a slight bump just to make getting extra money for them last few craft points a bit easier. (I have an alt I can gather with, so it's not TOO bad).

Item drops would just make farming a little easier. I'd rather farm than bother GMs for green level items, but I'm not at the age/have the time/addicted enough to farm hours for a dress. Of course, I know some people who do run through should put their stuff on the AH more. I really doubt Auctioneer will be working in time for Wrath. (I could be very wrong on that)

XP rate... It's too soon for me to answer in terms of Wrath.

Pre-Wrath, leveling wasn't even the focus of the server. I'm still not sure why people complain about it when they could RP and grind for vouches instead and hit 70 that way. Just log in and dive in a pack of RPers.
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