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Raz'Ahran [Eredar] [Persistent]
Race of character/NPC: Man'ari Eredar (OOC: Draenei)

Class of character/NPC: Warlock (OOC: Mage)

Name of character/NPC: Raz'Ahran (OOC: Razahran)

Exact modelID requested: 22833

Duration that character will be used: Persistent

Purpose for the character/NPC: To get in on the delicious Burning Legion baddyness and stir up some trouble.

Location the character/NPC will reside: Primarily Outlands Burning Legion outposts

Level requested: 85

Any special equipment needed: Muramasa

Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Raz'Ahran

Character In-Game Name: Razahran


Association(s): The Burning Legion

Race: Man'Ari Eredar (Draenei)

Class: Warlock (Mage)

Skills and Abilities:
Legion Lightning - Strikes an enemy with twisted lightning that arcs to another nearby enemy, sometimes striking several targets.
Shadow Nova - Strikes a target with shadow damage and a wave of powerful force.
Eredar Warlock - Raz'Ahran would have the warlock abilities that come standard to users of fel magic.

Age: 47300

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Burning Fel Green

Weight: 703 lbs

Scale: 0.67

Height: 14' 0"

Raz'Ahran stands tall, usually towering over everyone around him. His skin is blood red, and his green eyes burn with demonic energy. The armor he wears is crafted of demon skins and twisted demonic steel, and from his belt hangs several dark trinkets. He wields a demonic sword, which glows with his fel magic power. Around his neck hang three large, heavy chains of fel steel, with several glowing purple gems attached to them. If one would get a closer look, they might see faces in the gems, and even closer, they might hear the terrified cries of souls imprisoned. All over his body, he has many scars, one specifically across his face, which has a fel green glow to it. Small horns can be seen on his face, above and to the sides of his eyes.

Raz'Ahran is one to make others worship him. He will often do whatever it takes to ensure people recognise his power and authority. When someone goes against his orders, or does just about anything to anger him, he would usually try to contain that persons soul in a gem on one of the large chains around his neck, after causing agonizing suffering and anguish, of course. If ever Raz'Ahran would see something that he wanted, he would stop at nothing to obtain his treasure. To others of the Burning Legion he is well respected as a powerful Warlock, and to his foes he is feared for the same reason.

The origins of Raz'Ahran begin in the sacred city of Mac'Aree, where he was born and raised. Raz'Ahran was the child of Lenius and Tessani, both incredibly talented mages with great control over the arcane magics. It didn't take Raz'Arhan long to begin learning control over the arcane, himself. Raz'Ahran enjoyed calling down gentle rains at that age. He was young and innocent, and lived every day to it's fullest. He would often spend hours upon hours training his arcane control with his father and mother. After a few hundred years, Raz'Arhan's parent's had a second child, a daughter named Ariina. Raz'Ahran always loved his family very much, spending every hour of every day with his parents and sister. When he was just over 700 years, he had officially become known as a talented Mage of Mac'Aree, just as his parents had done.

Spending many years as a Mage of Mac'Aree, Raz'Ahran had learned many incredible spells, which he would use to try to impress a woman named Alyessa, who he had seen every day, as she would often read by a fountain where he would spend his days pondering various issues among his mind. Raz'Arhan finally made his move, speaking with Alyessa for the first time since he'd first seen her. With time the two eventually fell in love, and spent every day together. Thousands of years passed, and the two had started a family together, having 2 children of their own, two sons named Varuun and Nitath.

After several years, the Burning Legion made it's move upon Argus, causing the Eredar to split. Most of the race, including Raz'Arhan, accepting the dark powers granted to them, and the rest, calling themselves the Draenei, fled with the Prophet Velen. Raz'Ahran, having gained incredible power, had become a well respected Warlock among the Burning Legion, as they pursued the Draenei for thousands of years. Finally coming to rest on the world of Draenor, Raz'Ahran's family, including Alyessa and their two sons, made their home among the orcs. The peace didn't last long, as Raz'Ahran and the rest of the Burning Legion caught up with the Draenei, corrupting the peaceful orcs, driving them into a massive bloodrage, and letting them upon the Draenei.

In the chaos, Raz'Ahran had found the ones he once called family, and one by one, not just slaughtered them, but also cursed them to eternal torment, starting with Alyessa and his two sons. As his sons cried for their father to stop, tears running down their faces, he let out a maniacal laugh, shooting fear deep into the hearts and minds of his family. While his two young sons watched, he drained the life from Alyessa, bringing her great pain and forcing her to let out a terrible cry of pain. After imprisoning her soul in a gem, The demonic Warlock took up the lifeless body of his past love and left her corpse on a pike of twisted demonic steel. He soon grabbed his two sons, one in each hand, by the throat and drained their bodies of their souls, which were locked in soul gems with the rest of his victims. Raz'Ahran had successfully imprisoned the souls of his wife and sons in soul gems, which he hung around his neck on heavy demonic chains, like trophies. As Raz'Ahran made his way through to his parents, he came to his young sister, who had attempted to save her parents by fighting Raz'Ahran. The young Ariina cast a powerful bolt of arcane magic at her brothers face, causing him to stumble back, and leaving a large scar across his face, which soon started to glow with fel corruption. Raz'Ahran menacingly stepped toward Ariina, who cried out to her brother to stop, yet her plea went unheard, as he grabbed her by the throat, his tight grasp cutting off her breath as she slowly died at the hand of her brother. As she was just about to fall dead, he quickly drained her soul, imprisoning her for an eternity in a soul gem on his necklace of souls. Her body was fed to felhounds, which tore into the fresh meal quickly, cleaning the corpse to the bones. Now, finally meeting with his parents, the ones who had raised him and trained his magic, he forced the cries of his young sister, his innocent sons, and his wife upon them, driving them insane with rage and causing them to attack. As the two mages cast spell after spell at him, he laughed, enjoying what he considered a weak effort at the impossible. He took up his mother by her neck, slowly draining the life from her body. He lifted a hand over his father, grasping the air and dropping his fist quickly. "Kneel!" He fiercely shouted, and his father was pushed to the ground, forced to watch the murder of his wife at the hands of his son. As Raz'Ahran drained the soul from his mothers corpse, he took up his father, holding him by the head easily, as Raz'Ahran was now much larger than his father.

"Have you any last words, worm? Or would you rather I crush your skull now and feed you and your precious wife to the felhounds, as I did to your daughter? Listen... Do you hear their cries? The cries of your daughters, your grandsons, your wife... I hold them all now, in eternal torment. I enjoy the music they create. Their cries are as songbirds, I will wake to them every morning. You will join them soon enough, old man. Your soul will be imprisoned, and carried with me as a trophy to my victory over the foolish and weak Draenei. You will soon feel immense pain over your body. It will be faint at first, but as the waves of pain progress, they will become stronger. It will be twice the pain at first, then it will increase tenfold and it will not stop until your soul is mine. And then, the real torture begins." The demonic warlock let out a terrifying laugh, that would drive even the bravest of men to tears. "How does it feel, knowing your death, along with the death of your entire family, will have been at my hands... Father." The Draenei man let out a whisper, just barely audible. "A monster like you... You are not my son, and I am not your father... You are a wretched beast... Nothing more than a cowardly pest..."

Anger spread across Raz'Ahran's face, and his grip on his fathers head slowly increased, as he drained the soul from the man. "You will regret speaking such words to me, worm!" The Warlock drained the last ounce of power that the Draenei mage once had, and increased his grip on the man's head, as it slowly crushed under his might. Blood rushed over the hand of the Raz'Ahran and dripped to the floor. The Eredar let out a demonic, crazed laugh. Raz'Ahran yelled out to the felhounds, who rushed over to feed on the corpses. "None shall stand to the power and might of the Burning Legion! This day marks the first of many victories over the fools who betrayed us, brothers!" He yelled out to an army of demons nearby, who cheered to his victory.

As the legion passed over this world, once called Draenor, dark factories of twisted steel and corrupted earth were brought up, manufacturing weapons and tools for the Burning Legion soldiers. It was in one of these dark, evil factories that Raz'Ahran had a wicked blade crafted for him, which he imbued with his dark magic. As a final decoration, he had the six soul gems containing his family placed in the hilt, and the word "Family" Engraved on the blade in the Man'Ari Warlock's native language. Raz'Ahran carried this blade wtih him at all times, using it to rally his troops and inspire fear in the hearts of his victims. Over the years, much blood has run across the blade, and many souls imprisoned. Only those he finds worthy, or particularly troublesome would be granted a place on one of the three demonic chains around his neck, though he would preserve other souls, and keep them in his quarters at trophies.

Now having conquered this world, the Burning Legion spread across the planet. Raz'Ahran enjoyed his time on this planet, leading troops across fields to wreak havoc upon the world, slaying and imprisoning the souls of any and all survivors that he had found. Raz'Ahran has spent years upon years on the world once called Draenor, and has enjoyed every moment, hearing the cries of those he's slain and imprisoned. Raz'Ahran was recently put to specific work for the Burning Legion, watching over the soldiers of the Legion who were trained to infiltrate and gather information on the world called Azeroth, as well as those in the Outland. Having once heard much of Azeroth before, he gladly accepted the offer.

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