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Reaching out [RC]
Zethon paces his way up the stairs, followed by lighter steps of a second form. Muffled words are shared back and forth until one finally stops. There's a rattle of metal as Zethon struggles with the lock, eventually managaing to handle it with a heavy 'click'. The room is unadorned and simple, rustic for the company of elves. Nevertheless it is all that military town of Hearthglen can afford to spare at the Inn. Zethon makes his way within, though just behind is a slightly taller form- that of an elven man. His blue eyes burn through the darkness just as Zethon's own do with a green tinge."This is her then?" He asks out, voice lowered somewhat.

Zethon nods in return to his companion. Undaunted he walks his way over to the bedside.
"Her name is Koiella, a knight of the Ebon Blade and the Blood Knights."

The elven priest slips forward all the more, with every step his white and black robe seems to catch a bit of wind, enough to make it flow and shift with his steps. "Ebon Blade. Undead. Are you certain about this, Zethon? It's more likely that I'm going to turn her into a pile of cinders than anything that resembles... Alive."

Zethon keeps his emerald stare focused on the lifeless woman. "Yes... Yes, I'm sure. I think she would rather to be turned to ashes than be brought back by necromancy."

The priest sets his staff of choice aside. "If you insist... A shame you can't help, you remember how tiresome this spell is, don't you?" Not even pausing for an answer he begins to subtly mutter the necessary incantations. Magical Light begins to gather within the priest's palms, though as it does a portion begins to bleed out as if it were a liquid, forming into a ring around his feet that shimmers with just as much luminescence. Such a similar ring begins to glow around Koiella's form. It's a matter of minutes worth of waiting, the Light growing stronger and stronger around the woman until it forms what looks like a pillar leading up to the roof. With one final surge the Light almost explodes around her, filling her deathly form with almost overflowing light before it all falls away. As it does the priest staggers back, almost falling onto his rear before he runs into a dresser.

Elsewhere, the dull and blurry atmosphere is pierced by the golden holy magics. All around the undead soul is formed a shining aura. Koiella looks down at her radiant hand before being whisked back to the world of the living. The first thing she aware of is her body laid upon a bed. There is a warm, enveloping glow upon her corpse that supersedes her grayscale vision. She hesitates. Turning her head, she notices the priest falling. Koiella steps closer, reaching out but it is impossible to help. She peers under his distraught face at him, but doesn’t know who he is. High Elf. Standing upright again she peers at the other. Zethon. He’s standing resolute, unwavering at the show of magic or the aftermath to the priest. Pale eyes focused solely on her body, as if mentally willing it back to life. She follows his gaze back to her body. Walking between the two, she peers at her body. The shimmering aura makes it look warm, an inviting place. A distrustful expression keeps to her face as she considers.

The mix of elven and death knight runes that line her weapon briefly remain lit with holy magic and fade much slower than the rest of the light. Zethon hesitantly reaches for the woman, though about mid-way his hand jerks back. Koiella spins around and looks down to Zethon’s hand. Did it touch her, or was it her imagination?
"Koiella?" he asks, his head tilting as if trying to find a face beneath her mask. There’s a fleeting sensation that overtakes Koiella’s consciousness. She turns to her body and reaches out to reunite with it. "Doesn't seem like ashes to me.."

The red and black mask conceals the majority of her face, but without warning her runic-blue eyes flare open. Zethon goes wide-eyed in reaction. "...Koiella?" He asks out once more.

Koiella 's chest rises, and her hand pushes against the bed. Her head rises as she attempts to sit up.
"What is this.." she says dryly with a pronounced echo.

By now the priest from afar has sucesfully slipped down onto the ground, teetering on the border of unconciousness.
”It's Hearthglen, Koiella.”

Koiella makes it to her rear. She peers at Zethon for a long moment, and then to the other elf. She looks around the room slowly. "Hearthglen." she repeats before looking to Zethon.

”We're a far ways away from the arena... Close to home, too.”

Koiella twitches her head with a slight narrow to her eyes."The arena.. I was defeated."

Zethon tips his head in a feint nod. "You were."

Koiella turns her deathly gaze to the other. "And he..?"

”An old friend of mine... He was the one who brought you back.”

Koiella looks at her gloved hands. "Back from the dead.. twice now. ...why?"

Zethon blinks at the question. Slowly his eyes turn down to the bed. "It felt like it was right... It felt like it was needed."
Koiella drops her hands to her knees again, and lifts her expressionless gaze to Zethon. In a neutral tone yet with that persistent echo she asks, "This was your doing?"

”Ultimately, yes. It was my decision.”

  • Ataxia
    • Even being restored, loosing her head has permanently damaged her spinal cord. Causes uncoordinated movements and imbalance.
  • Soulburn
    • Holy magic has weakened her connection to her body. Koiella is more suspectiable to mind-control effects.
  • Weak Knees
    • Due to her knees being crushed, they are weakened and cannot withstand strenuous forces.
  • Touched by the Light
    • In addition to her weapons being rendered useless, Koiella cannot cast spells for a week.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.

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