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Don't worry I'm not here to whine or anything like that. Just to give -my- side of the story, seeing as though trying to e-mail you admins with a free e-mail account doesn't work, this is the only way to, sorry for disturbing you in advanced. I did just a few hours ago recieve an e-mail about my account & Ip Address being banned because I did not have the "right fit" for this server. I made Coldan to be one of a kind, to have a unique personality like everyone else. If I had however seen a warning about this, I would have dumped Coldan for a more serious character. This may not be the way you run things on CoTH, but I thought I'd try to explain why my supposed style apparently did not "fit" in with CoTH. I thought I'd try to defend myself by doing this. Sorry to waste anyone's time or the forum space. And if this was your final decision then I'm also here to say good bye to everyone I played & RP'd with. It's been fun if this is the case. And if so Good Bye.
While I appreciate the tone here is not rantish or immature - and kudos for that - it needs to be said: it wasn't the character. We had complaints about the player in particular. Every time a GM would have to confront him about his attitude, rather than accepting it with grace, he got agressive. This player was the prime reason we had to put "Do not bother GMs about your profile" in the sticky, and several times on the forums. If it was a matter of "dumping the character if you'd known" - the character was denied several times. If that isn't enough of a hint, I'm not sure what is; indeed, everyone, if your character has been denied three times, it really IS time to just dump the character and think up something else, not continuously find a way to rehash the same thing over and over again.

This isn't a live server, and as a result we don't -have- to let just anyone play here. We choose for the community, and if someone doesn't fit the community or we get a bunch of complaints about a person, we remove them. This means the community is small, but hopefully tightknit. As Kretol said it once - "We're like a guild." Unlike guilds on Live, however, we won't just keep people because we need numbers. We're picky, but we've the right to be; no one gets paid to do this work, we do it because we like it, but we have to enjoy the place we're in as well. With an influx of new players, we don't want the problems we had before when we had to close the server down. It must be understood - this is a free private server, and one of the better run I've ever seen. Don't take it for granted, and don't assume you can do or say whatever you please. We're not accepting anyone's money and therefore obligated to allow people to do whatever they want. There are a lot of rules and policies in place, and they're not just there because we like to type. They're there to protect the community, to give people a fun place to roleplay without having to worry about griefing or irritation.

It's unfortunate, but this server won't work for everyone. We hope everyone will find a server which works best for them.

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