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Rebirth. [RC]
The original death of Krest was rectonned. The killer and witnesses are of my own choosing to suit what had happened and promote future events


“It took longer than I thought it would to retrieve your body.” A puff of smoke fills the small room. A man dressed in dark cloth sits by the door, a pip in hand. The table in front of him had a body covered in white silk. “Your lucky I owe ya. If I didn’t, I’d of let you be buried like your family wanted.” Another puff of smoke fills the room. “I guess it can’t be helped.”

A knock on the door sounds off. “And that should be my assistance for this. You can’t expect me to do this by myself.” The cloth covered man stands and opens the door. “Quickly now, move to the other side of him.” A smaller human steps into the room, female. With a quick nod she moves to the head of the body. The man sets his hands on the bodies chest, then mutters a prayer. Light glows in his palms.


“Even the water runs here huh.. Neat.” An elf sits by the shore of a dark river. With him he carries a fishing pole, casting it out into the dark depths. “Rather peaceful here. Even though I’m dead. Part of me expected there to be a never ending war between light and dark or something.” He sits there beside the water, resting his chin on his hand. “Fish don’t bite here do they.”

“Nope, they don’t Krest. You should go back to where they do.” Krest turns his head to see the woman speaking, but something presses against his back. He gets launched forward into the water, smacking against its surface with a smack. He sinks to the bottom like a rock as if an unseen force was dragging him down.

A light flashes in the depths of the river. It starts as nothing more than a pebble and spreads, soon consuming the darkness of the water surrounding Krest. The elf reaches out, then all goes white.


“Ah. There you are.” The smell of burning tobacco is first. Then the smell of a wood burning fire. But the room was back, empty. “Don’t try to move just yet. You did just come back to life.” Krest struggles, trying to sit up. A hand presses against his chest instead though. “I said not to move yet. You’ll be up and about soon enough Fairstar. Just be patient.”

Another puff of smoke fills the room. “It took several generations, but our debt is paid off after this.”

Character's Name: Krest Fairstar.
Times Resurrected: This would be the first.

Killer's Name: Kryox.
Resurrector's Name: NPC
Witness(es): Syleai.
Method of Resurrection: The Light.

  • Frailness: Krest will never be able to move the way he had before his death. For the first two months he will not be able to move on his own. Afterwards he’ll have to rest after each physical exertion. Even smithing will take its toll after an hour and Krest will have to sit and rest.

  • Hacking Cough: Because of the fact that he was killed by getting stabbed in the throat he has fits of uncontrollable coughing. This will not go away.

  • Blindness: For the first couple of months Krest will only be able to make out different lighting and shapes. Nothing in detail. This will improve over time, but everything will still remain blurry.

Form of Resurrection: Forum
Name of NPC: Sangin Mellowfeild.
Faction of NPC: Alliance.

GM Assistance?: No

Reasoning: Sangin’s grandfather served with Krest many years ago. Krest saved the man’s life and due to the grandfather’s family code of honor he vowed to repay the debt. The debt was handed down two generations. Krest initially had asked the man to be ready to heal Krest, but Krest had died in his fight. Sangin took it upon himself to retrieve Krest’s body and bring the man back to life to appease his family's honor and finally sever ties with the Fairstar family.

If the reasoning above is acceptable I'll be remaking Krest's profile to fit the reason. I was already going to remake him, but I'll wait until this is approved or needs to be edited.
At the moment everything seems to be in order, though his drawbacks are looking a bit on the frail side. I'd like to see one or two more to give some weight behind the ordeals before it's approved.
Ah. You could almost say I was blind to the small amount of drawbacks he had. Updated!
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