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Rebirth of a Friend [RC]
Krilari makes his way up to the manor door, plated knuckes rapping against the door. Reigen strides to the door, pushing it open and glancing around. Kapre makes his way to the door, his hooves clopping loudly as he did. He stops upon meeting Krilari. "Oh... hello."

Krilari glances over his shoulder, nodding to the draenei before making his way inside. Kapre anxiously peers through the doorway towards Reigen. Krilari lowers his mask. "As promised...Where is she?"

Reigen points to the stairs. "On the second floor, in the bed."

"Then upstairs I march."

Fendrin was upstairs, in the attic, glancing down at Krilari as he entered. Krilari approaches the corpse with heavy, metallic steps. A fair moment would be spent simply observing the robed woman before he drew his blade, soon setting it aside. Kapre looks over to her. "What has happened to her?"

Krilari looks her over. "Crushed by boulders, apparently."

The Death Knight nods. "She was crushed to death by rocks due to an explosion. An elemental fixed her body, but not her life."

I see..." Kapre turns his hand so that the back of it touches Valan's face. He closes his eyes, his body stiffening. He then kneels down. Krilari eyes Kapre for a moment, the man soon nodding to himself. "Will we be waiting on any more, Reigen?"

Fendrin stepped downstairs, observing the resurrection silently. Valan looks rather peaceful on the bed. She lies on her back, her hands over her chest. The smile remains, a testament to her sacrifice. Reigen shakes her head. "I did not get any other replies." She steps back, not wanting to interfere at all and moves closer to the balcony. She watches the three like a hawk, however.

Kapre's spirit lifts partially as the draenei opens his eyes, the lights dimmed as his essence searches through past the material plane. He seeks for the spirits, for wherever Valan's is if it has not departed for the afterlife yet. Fendrin stepped over to Reigen silently, wanting to be the true observer as he moves behind her.

Valan's spirit stands not next to her own body, but next to Reigen, the smile remaining as she watches over her only true friend.

The spirit walker nods. "[Hollow] There you are."

Krilari looks aside to the Spirit Walker once more, eyeing his now dimmer visage. He spares the slightest shrug before moving aside to spare the man some room. "Are we prepared to begin then?"

Kapre 's eyes remain dim as his voice barely leaves his lips. "Are we all ready? I have located the spirit." He smiles.

Reigen folds her hands behind her back, peering between Kapre and Krilari. She nods to Kapre's question, even if she wasn't taking part in the doings. Krilari gives his gauntlets a good twist and a pull, tearing the metalic fists off to leave his fingers open. Without further question he would take a knee, his lips parting in a muttered prayer.

Kapre holds up a hand towards Reigen... or rather, the spirit by her. "[Hollow] Please, come forth."

Valan looks to the Spirit Walker, blinking. She steps forward none the less, opening her mouth to speak, but no words come out. She closes her mouth shortly after, and smiles again, nodding. Kapre steps back, guiding the spirit next to the body.

The spirit steps close to her body, staring down at herself. Kapre raises a ring of fetishes and waves it while softly chanting a prayer. A ring of totems form from the condensed elements around him, the water providing a healing stream, fire warmth, earth the tangibility, and air, the breath of life.

Krilari continues to mutter his prayer, the man's form un-moving as he seems to enter his own world devoid of outside influences. The only sign of movement would be his hand which presses against the wooden floor. Simultaneously with the totems, a ring of light would take shape around him.

"By the Elements and the Ancestors... I implore that soul and body become one, that you give this woman a chance at life among the living." Kapre shakes his ring as he waves his arm to channel the elements forward into Valan's body as a stream for the spirit to ride back to the corpse.

Krilari 's prayers take a moment more to mount their strength, yet once it is the ring would bound upwards in unpredictable jolts. With the ring's movements he would rise, flowing the Holy powers into the body, aiding with the spirit's guidance. Valan spirit slowly climbs onto the bed next to her body. She smiles again, laying on top of herself.

Krilari maintains the stream of Holy magic, the power wrapping and curling about the Night Elf as if it were stitching her body and Spirit together. Valan's body and soul slowly form into one, and her chest slowly rises in the motion of breath, but freezes, still incomplete.

Krilari 's breaths begin to draw heavy and haggard as he takes the reins of the final lap of the resurrection as the spirit walker falls unconscious. Valan chest falls as she exhales the breath. Color slowly rises to her cheeks as she lies still. Krilari remains within a ring of Holy power, lost in his own world of thought. While the holy powers continued to flow from him into the elf his voice would raise in a commanding demeanor. "In the name of the Holy Light of Creation I bestow life into this weary corpse. Let wounds be sown and the spirit called forth from the Dark Beyond. Let those that once drew breath gasp as they once have. In the name of the Holy Light, I call you to rise."

Valan chest rises and falls steadily, color returned to her flesh, and the soft ba-dum of her heart can be heard if one listens closely. But she remains still, sleeping. Krilari courses the last of his power into the woman, sewing the last head between the body and spirit before staggering back. Near-immediately he would fall onto his backside, utterly worn.

Reigen nods, moving over to Valan's now living body. "Thank you, Sir Dawnsend, I owe you for this."

Killer: Generic, cave in.
Resurrector: Krilari, Kapre
Short term drawbacks: Blindness, unable to walk, unable to sit up without help, stiffness of the limbs.
Long term/permanent drawbacks: Stiff joints, lack of mobility in her right arm, blurred vision.
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