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Farseer K'tuth Wrote:Addressed to Battlemaster Stormslayer;

This letter comes from the Horde Base Camp of the Tol'Barad Peninsula. We currently have your soldier, a large troll by the name of Jaedyn.
I've received my report from my higher officer. Apparently, Jaedyn ventured with a group of our Horde to deal with a problem arising in the harbor close to here.

When they arrived at the harbor, they fought what my superior officer described as a "Faceless". I'm not sure what this is, but I'm assured it is a very viably dangerous foe.

As the report was given, apparently your soldier was...eaten by this monster. The report reads that the stomach acids melted all of his armor, and badly burned most of his flesh. One of his comrades bandaged him, and he is currently recovering here. He is burned as bad as I've seen, but I'm doing the best that I can to heal him.

He fades in and out of consciousness constantly, but we were able to garner your name and where to mail this letter to, and this is my notice of the condition of your warrior, and that he may be out of duty for some time. He is resting under my care.

From the report, he was a very valiant warrior, and fought as bravely as the rest against this monster. He was listed as dealing a crippling blow to this creature, which is apparently quite an achievement. But...there is another subject.

It may not be my place, Battlemaster, but it seems your soldier is deeply troubled by something. Much mental anguish is beside him, and it is not caused by this "Faceless". Perhaps when he regains his health, you can...see to him. Even when recovering, he seems in constant mental unrest, and he holds a lot of anger inside of him. He often lashes out at me during my healing sessions.

My regards, Battlemaster, as regards come from the rest of the Base Camp. I will send your soldier back to your way when he is in good health. I return to my healing.

~Farseer K'tuth

OOC: These injuries are a result of the Tol'Barad event. Jaedyn is, as stated, badly burned and injured. He may make a steady recovery, but it'll be hard. He will return to the Barrens to assist the Deadeyes as soon as possible, but he's currently going to be out of commission.
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Rekka'nar Stormslayer Wrote: Farseer K'tuth,

Thank you for the report. Send me a second missive when he is on the way.

And tell my soldier that informing his commanding officer before he leaves for another battlefront is a requirement, not an option.

Battlemaster Stormslayer
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Farseer K'tuth Wrote:Battlemaster Stormslayer,

Your soldier's condition has improved immensely. I've spent much time with him, but he remains silent most moments. I've gained little about who he is, but he has a very resilient body, as if perhaps he's used to devastating injuries like this. I shall respect both of our boundaries and not question or assume.

I've informed him, as well, of what you wished me to. He seemed upset at the prospect of angering his Battlemaster, so I am glad to report it seems you have a very good harness on this one.

As in the last missive, he still lacks armor and weapons. I've managed to get him some makeshift leather armor, but it will barely hold for his travel back, much less for fighting. I do hope you hold an armory in possession, for this one cannot possibly represent the Horde in these rags.

He is currently being sent on his way back to you, because he has reached a stable point. His skin and flesh hasn't deformed much, but the scarring is still ferocious. He is very adamant about being sent along the path with a guide, a guard, and a healer, but that is what is necessary to promise his safest travel back.

You should expect him in a week's time.

Strength and honor, Battlemaster.

~Farseer K'tuth
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