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Ref'Shaz (Nathrezim, Event)
Firstly I wasn't sure whether to put the character down as Persistant or Event... the character will only exist inside events involving it.

Race of character/NPC: Nathrezim/Dreadlord

Class of character/NPC: Warlock

Name of character/NPC Ref'Shaz is both the full and in-game name.

Exact modelID requested: 10543

Duration that character will be used: Until he meets his demise.

Purpose for the character/NPC:

The point of this character would be host many many events (including for the late night crowd since that fits nicely into my timezone) for characters involving combat, moral dilemmas and even puzzles. ICly, Ref'Shaz is intent on causing as much chaos on Azeroth as possible without actually exposing himself to danger. He knows there are many thrillseekers and questers on Azeroth and so he would set up all sorts of quests or missions to have the participants help him achieve some goal or another while simultaneously corrupting them with promises of power, cursed gifts or money with the intention of either getting rid of these potential heroes, corrupting them or even turning them into followers.

Hopefully the character would gain notoriety after the first few events which will lead to even more roleplay, perhaps eventually managing to track him down through clues or npc followers and finally slay him. In the end, the purpose of the character is to present a villain to CoTH whose actions extend beyond his physical reach and encourage character development in any participating characters through succumbing/resisting the temptation of more power or riches. There will both be event chains and spontaneous mini-events each working to progress the Dreadlord's plans. Depending on the IC reaction to the events (players generally hostile, or co operative) the style of events will change to accommodate.

Location the character/NPC will reside: Outland. The Dreadlord himself typically will not leave Outland, however NPC followers (typically generic warlocks) will be dispersed throughout Azeroth to start events, and he may make a rare appearance or two disguised as a human (in which case I will use a human warlock named Shazref. Original right?). Although he is able to travel across Outland he will reside mainly in Shadowmoon Valley.

Level requested (Must be a normal level; 1-80): 80.

Any special equipment needed: None.
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