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Regular Organized Fighting Idea
I have had the idea to have regular organized fighting tournaments, hosted by Aeus Rteschiaron, the Master of Games, or so he might call himself. These tournaments would be small events hosted on a regular basis that allow players to fight amongst themselves in the ring of honor, striving to prove who among them is the greatest of all warriors. Normally this concept would be fairly vague... It would be, until Aeus came along.

These tournaments would break from this intangible concept with a special ranking system. It's fairly easy, really. From lowest to highest, the ranks would be:

E Class
D Class
C Class
B Class
A Class

At first glance, perhaps this is a bit confusing. Let me explain.
All fighters, at the moment they register with the Battle and Gambling Society (For a small fee of ten silver) and compete in their first tournament (For an even smaller entry fee of five silver), will become E Class Combatants. As they win battles in these tournaments, fighters will ascend the Ladder, eventually rising higher and higher until they reach the A Class. For many, the A Class is as high as they will get, but a select few will ascend even higher to the King rank.

The King rank is held for three very talented fighters, who prove themselves time and time again to be the best of the best in their fighting style. Within the King rank are three titles; the Warrior, the Wizard, and the Thief. As you may expect, these titles depict the fighting style of the holder of each title.

Off the topic of the ranks themselves, lets talk about rewards. The rewards for each tournament itself will vary. They could be anything from money, to weapons, jewelry, or other prizes. Aside from the prizes for the tournaments, combatants will recieve a special ring depending on the rank they currently hold.

That about covers the explanation of the ranking system as far as I can tell for now. If there are any questions feel free to ask.

I would like to state that the point of this topic is to, not only detail my plans, but also to ask if people would like this idea, and would like to take part in it. Feel free to answer in the poll at the top of the topic or in the comments below. Again, I would love to hear peoples feedback on this idea, so go ahead and let me know. If you would not discuss it in the thread, for whatever reason, feel free to PM me on the matter.
^^ I'd be up for seeing / funding / gambling at it / what not. Not sure if I got a fighter for it straight from my list, but I'd join the event(s).

The most important prize for the king is probably the bragging right that comes with the title. :D
Of course. Being a the Warrior, Wizard, or Thief shows that you are the best of the best in your skill set. What more do you need? :P

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