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Reigen Novalight (Blood Elf Warrior Nobel)
'''Player:''' Kage

'''Character Full Name:''' Reigen Novalight

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Reigenn

'''Nickname(s):''' Rei

'''Association(s):''' Silvermoon, The Novalight Family, The Horde

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior]]

'''Age:''' 89

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Black

'''Eyes:''' Fel Green

'''Weight:''' 138 lbs.

'''Height:''' 5'6"


Rei is a shorter elf then many of her kind. But her muscles are much thicker. They don't affect her in the sense that she can be confused with a male, but it's easy to see she tends to work out. She wears a light set of plate armor, crafted by the best smiths Silvermoon can offer. At her side is a scythe, an unusual and impractical weapon, but she makes it work. She wears elaborate dresses as many times as she can.


She is always with a smile. No matter what, she smiles. In a confrontation she tries her hardest to avoid a fight, even to go so much as run away. She tries to be the voice of reason for her siblings, despite being the youngest of them. She's quiet and keeps to herself. She makes it a hobby to try on new clothing. She doesn't show anything outwards about it, but in secret she's completely giggly. She's very curious on how things work, translating to a more engineering side. If she's not trying on dresses, she can be found tinkering with machines.

'''Alignment:''' Neutral


Rei was born eleven years after her older siblings, Amalys and Jidaeo the third. She was the only dark haired child of Zariel and Sabryn Novalight. She was given all she's ever wanted and more throughout her growing years, though that didn’t change the fact that her childhood was lonely. Her twin siblings weren't as open with her as they were with each other. The most interaction she had with them was with schooling and the occasional times, like when Amalys took her out into the woods. Other than that she kept to herself. Rei took a liking to fashion, so she would try on clothing whenever she got the chance, and do it for her eyes only.

She grew steadily stronger over her years and, unlike her siblings, she took the path of the warrior. Her grandfather, Jidaeo the second, began to take an interest in her, choosing to train her, making sure to spoil her all the while. Rei enjoyed the attention, but it wasn’t that important to her in the end. The only attention she really craved for was from a woman named Reigen. Reigen, a family friend and role model to the young girl, happened to be the person that Rei was named after, and was one of the few people that she got along with.

There were only a few times that Rei actually traveled outside of Eversong, and when she did, it was always with her sister and brother. Even when she traveled she would keep to herself.

During the scourge invasion of Silvermoon, Rei was away at a family retreat, content on spending her days alone while her siblings, her only real friends, were in Stormwind. The loss of the Sunwell affected her, though not as badly as others of her family. She was told to stay to stay at the retreat, and didn't return home until after Silvermoon was reclaimed. Months after Silvermoon was reclaimed, her family sent for her, finally bringing her back home. It was upon her return that Rei learned that Reigen had been turned into a Death Knight, alongside her Grandfather, Jidaeo, and Grandmother, Ceric. The news saddened her, but it didn't push her away from Reigen in the least bit; in fact, Rei chose to study under Reigen due to her interest in the weapon that the death knight now wielded; a polearm. Her grandfather, Jidaeo, her original teacher, still continued to teach her, though he was colder towards her, and was not as attached.

As the years went on, she became a Blood Elf with the rest of her family. The change didn't bother her, she simply went along with it. She never made friends with anyone from the Alliance and she didn't think ill of the Horde. She remained in Eversong until Deathwing shattered the world. But even then she stayed home, rarely venturing out unless her siblings dragged her along.

But now Rei has an interest. She wants to learn more. Curiosity has hit her now that she's learned all that she can at home. Rei needs real world experience, so she goes about to gain new knowledge, broaden her horizons, and expand on her interests.

==Skills and Abilities==

Scythe Mastery: After countless years of training Rei has taught herself how to use the blade in a way that is not only effective, but deadly.

Engineer: She has the skills of a basic goblin engineer, able to make bombs and simple machines. She has much to learn, but she has a good head start.

[[Category:Blood Elf]]
The sentence structure of this is a bit choppy, which sort of kills any 'flow' that tends to happen when reading a profile. There's a lot of: "She did this. She did that. These two sentences are not. All too relevant with each other." I would try to fix the flow and remember that paragraphs tend to cover a topic and things relevant to it. Switching scenes tends to require a new paragraph.

A couple things to point out about Novalight and Sunfire lore:

Quote:Unlike her siblings, she took the path of the warrior. She studied almost exclusively under Reigen Sunfire

Reigen was a mage! She couldn't have really taught much in the way of a warrior beyond showing her how to go one on one with a mage and how to better disable them in battle. That, along with Elven history as well as minor arcane basics [mana tap anyone?]. Otherwise, any training pertaining as a warrior would have had to come after she had been changed to a death knight. [In which case, they both use polearms. Convenient.]

Quote:There, she reunited with her family, but she was given a shock. Reigen was turned into a Death Knight.

As was her Grandfather Jidaeo and Grandmother Cerice. Her aunt Alteriya was also thought dead after going to look for Jidaeo and later showed up as a death knight as well. Love your family a little more geesh!
x3 I'll get to it!
And Updated!
Feel a lot of the sentences are stiff, with you using periods instead of commas or semicolons when they would have worked much better. To provide an example:

Quote:Unlike her siblings, she took the path of the warrior. Jidaeo the second had taken interest in the young warrior. He chose to train her while spoiling her at the same time.

I feel sentence two and three could work together with a comma and the addition of 'and'. Suggest you take a look through it and see about working the flow. A very nice profile otherwise.
And fixed.
Loooooks good enough to me.

First approval (1/2)
Poser. Can't copy this beast. /flex


Edit: inb4 everyone thinks I did another retcon.
Reigen, you really gotta stop retconing your characters.
What is this, Reigen, like the 12th time?
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


No screw you I do what I want. I retconned so hard this time it became another player.

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