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Rensin Redjaw [Worgen][Rewrite]
Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Rensin Redjaw, or in True Form, Rensin Blackfur

Character In-Game Name: Rensin

Nickname(s): Sin

Association(s): New to the Alliance

Race: Worgen

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: None out of the ordinary for his race and class

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark Red, however in True Form it's Jet Black.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 220 lbs

Height: 6'3"

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually seen in black leathers, mixed with some chainmail and plate.

Other: None

Personality: Rensin is a man that's very angry, boisterous, and outgoing. There's not much he won't say or do for the sake of getting a rise out of someone, or to outright aggravate them. He has a strong liking for the drink, as well as fighting and causing massive brawls. However, he tends to try to keep it all friendly in the end.

When it comes to friends and allies, Rensin has a deep sense of companionship. Once he's made friends, he's loyal to them like the dog he is. When it comes down to it, he'd protect them with his life, gladly.

History: When Rensin was only just a little over two years old, the Greymane Wall was built. He and his family were sealed in for what seemed to be for Rensin, his whole life. He grew in age as the Son of a humble blacksmith, and a baker. He was educated at home, and make lots of good friends... all the while knowing he'd never be able to leave his home, or see any real new faces.

Rensin was a rebellious teen. Often trying to prove his strength and might through fighting with the other boys, constantly trying to impress the girls with his strength and ferocity, sadly to no real avail since a lot of them considered him a "brutish thug".

One day, his father even caught up to him, finding out that Rensin had beaten on the child of one of his father's longest standing friends. His father sat him down, and started to teach him blacksmithing while giving him a good talk. "Son. Being a man means that you've got to know -when- to fight, not just how, or how well you can hit in a fight. If you've got strength, then you need to learn how to apply it. You can't just clash skulls with whoever you feel like and expect to be liked."

Rensin started to learn the trade... and really took his father's words to heart. Then came word, there was a war outside the wall. The undead were steadfast, however preventative measures were in place beyond the wall to save the people. Rensin was willing to fight in the war, however he knew the Kingdom would have no part in it.

Then not too long after, Gilneas was thrust into war. People had to fend off Worgen, and were becoming infected thanks to the disease that was now running through the walled in city.

Rensin fought the Worgen along side his father... who eventually fell in combat, as Rensin tried to save him to no avail. Out of desperation, Rensin tried to save his father... only to get bitten himself. Quickly Rensin was rushed out, and given a series of treatments and "cures", which gave him sanity, and clarity of mind.

At that moment, Rensin had become something that he hated. A Worgen.

Rensin never joined in the civil war, nor did he have any delusions about leaving as was on the breath of a lot of people... he stayed there, and protected his mother from the Worgen attacks, making sure he never had to face the grimness of becoming one of the beasts that murdered the man they both cared for.

With a bit of time, Rensin learned that his strength could become even more intense while in his Worgen form... however, he kept in mind his father's words. Rensin relied only on that strength in dire situations, as he felt that it was his duty to his now deceased pa.

Recently, the world was shattered. The wall crumbled, and fell. Even though he never thought it'd happen, Rensin saw this as an opportunity... he took his mother, and left Gilneas for Stormwind.

This is where it begins for him.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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