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Rensin's Personal [Skype RP]
Hey all. You pretty much mostly know me by now... if not, well.


So, I decided to use CoTH to make a personal I guess. What am I lookin' for? More people to RP with. Skype RP sounds great to me---and I prefer one-on-one. I have a lot of games I can RP in too if that's more your comfort level---but I've done some neat stuff with people over skype during the past years too. I can list some settings I'd like to RP in.

Like I'm sure most CoTHies do, I only RP original characters. If it calls for it in some settings, I'll RP out an NPC that might be a light lore figure or something to progress things.

I love long posts. Longer the better. Oozing with description and details. I do prefer as well that we communicate well OOC---meaning, that we let eachother know any goals we would like to see from the RP, as well as a friendship out of it. It's good to know when someone is going away for some time! Or if we are doing something and it's not enjoyable.

I also like to change up RP's and genres, sometimes things get stale and it's a nice change to move to a different story/setting/characters.

Brass tacks. Most RP ads have a section about... well, "Smut" or "eRP". CoTH has been sensitive about this in the past---so I'll keep this brief. Yes, I enjoy it in my RP. Yes, I'd like to have it. I will be honest, I prefer RPing with female characters (Your gender OOC isn't an issue to me---though I do prefer women! What can I say? I'm single and it's a comfort thing.), and I prefer RPing male chars---sometimes I'll throw in female characters for fun. I'm fine with you throwing in male characters as well, though I'm not a huge fan of gay relationships---again, it's a comfort thing. I've RPed it out myself, but it's not something I really enjoy too much. ALSO IF WE ARE GOING TO DO ANY SORT OF RP LIKE THAT, YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. I will say however... if you don't wanna, I don't at all force it. But it's part of communication if we are open to it or not, eh?

Okay, with the awkward bit out of the way, I'll move on.

Settings I'd like to RP:

Spaceships/Space Station--- Our characters are on a ship, smuggling or trying to squeek out some sort of living. They run into trouble, sorta like a star wars/Guardians of the Galaxy game, or even Firefly.

Or, a Space Station that's prone to disaster. Perhaps even doomed.

Steampunk--- I have a soft spot for this. Either in a Final Fantasy sorta steampunk way, or in a erm... traditional sense? A group is on a steam ship, that flies from place to place trying to deliver mail. It may sound boring... but it's high priority mail during a time of strife in the setting. Meaning they are being hunted by people that'd see these messages not be delivered.

Modern "Horror"/"Fantasy"--- I'll admit. I've got a love for Werewolves in modern settings. Inspired by World of Darkness, or... True Blood. Things like that. Something that has a dark theme to it, and where we are using our abilities to fight some over-arching -true- evil.

Medieval/Fantasy Setting--- Good ol' exploration adventure fun. It'd be great for us to do something like... make some organizations/cities, and RP our characters going through them. Events influenced by them... like Game of Thrones, or... Lord of the Rings. Stuff like that, eh?

Old style "Old God" settings--- Think things like Cthulu or otherwise. Sorta like "Hellboy" in a way, but with a feeling of mystery and the like.

I'm also very open to people's ideas. Since we are now an RP website... figured I'd put a person in on this, make things a little official there. If a "standard format" comes out for this, I'll change it up.

Skype: rensinx

If you have a game you wanna RP in---I can see if I have it, haha. I have things like Minecraft/Terraria/Starbound, as well as some MMO's.
Bumpin' dis.
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△Move along.△



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