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Returning to the shadows
I shall be away for few weeks/months. Short time since school is almost over but I have few bad grades I need to fix and distraction what is provides by RP is good for stress removal but not for person like me. To be honest it might be not only Coth but also a little thing I like to call "Me going crazy not knowing me going crazy". I hope to return with a bang, since I have few half way done projects in mind. I know that I am lazy, slow and lazy member of community but I am like sloth, takes a shit once a week or so but my shit is golden idea. Did I mention I am lazy?

See you soon, good luck with cata and keeping your community healthy. Let us hope that this community will not break down once I leave for a holiday. (SC2CortexRp)
[Image: tumblr_mw3mwwCGmB1spfzzdo1_250.gif]
Brothers and sisters of NOD, I welcome you to planet C&C.
Gonna miss ye buddy. Hope to see ye again soon.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!

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