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Rezzak [Troll Shadow Hunter] [Re-Submit]
I've went thought the profile a couple of times. Covered some mistakes... If you see more I would be happy to know where to search them.
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
I suggested you take up the offer of help because I knew you wouldn’t see the mistakes here. I didn’t want you to frustrate yourself going through it over and over. :p

Nevermind. Here we go. Brace yo'self and open the spoiler.


Quote: Association(s): Ogrimmar,

Orgrimmar. There's a few instances of it throughout the profile. Use control+f.

Quote: An axe on his back and a dagger.

He carries a dagger and an axe on his back.

Quote: Rezzak'fon is just a typical troll.

Still referred to as a 'fon here.

Quote: His voice is high, he talks loudly.

His voice is high and he talks loudly.

Quote: He would rather think logical


Quote: Despite of his brutality, Rezzak is more friendly and relaxed when he is surrounded by trolls rather than someone else.

Despite his brutality, Rezzak is more friendly and relaxed when he is surrounded by trolls rather than other races.

Quote: Despite of the conditions he is very cruel and brutal with his enemies.

Despite this, he is very cruel...

Quote: Rezzak hates night elfs.


Quote: There is no way that they can prove to him.

Prove what?

Quote: When he is exited it shows.


Quote: The places he likes visiting most are Booty Bay and Undercity.

It seems strange to me that he enjoys hanging out in the Undercity, when there are some (one or two?) Loa that despise undead. He also has the ability to smite them, heh.

Quote: He is motivated by the will and glory.

I don't understand this sentence.

Quote: doesn't let the enemy to strike first.

Doesn't let the enemy strike first.

Quote: Rezzak is born on the Darkspear Isles.

Was born.

Quote: battle field as he killed many enemies thought he almost killed himself.

Battlefield as he killed many enemies, though he was almost killed himself.

Quote: when the murloc’s came they surprised both of the factions as they caught them off-guard, and Thrall along with Sen’jin, Rezzak the horde warriors and the humans were captured.

Murlocs. And Thrall, along with Sen'jin, Rezzak, the Horde warriors, and the humans, were captured.

Quote: But when Thrall started to fought his way out he started to look for his people as he breaked every cage his eyes cought.

But when Thrall started to fight his way out he looked for his people as he broke every cage he saw.

Quote: Thrall as he was killed by the murloc's when the evacuation began.


Quote: When the witch doctor Zalazane began using dark magic to take the minds of his fellow Darkspear. Rezzak panicked

A comma here, not a period.

Quote: his best to gather enought information about Zalazane's plan


Quote: until he came to the conclusion, that he needed to look for his brother.

Remove the comma.

Quote: He did not believed the words,


Quote: His believes about his family flashed away.


Quote: It was the spirits that cheared Rezzak and told him to live on.


Quote: He was thought how to use the voodoo


Quote: but yet he learned to how walk the line of the dark and light.

Take out the 'yet'.

Quote: He was tought to deal with the darker aspects of the spirit world.


Quote: He also blended on the Loa and sooner he learned the ability to communicate with them.

He blended? What do you mean? Also, change 'sooner' to 'soon'.

Quote: Time passed as he blended deeply into the arts of the voodoo and Loa.

Here it is again. Blended?

Quote: Rezzak finnaly learned the ways of the Shadow Hunter


Quote: He did not left his master until


*gasps* Do-... *gasps* Done!

And I took your advice and sent a private message. A week since he hasn't answered. I don't mind it at all maybe he has work to do who knows? :)

Anyways, thank you for the understanding.
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
Oh, alrighty! Sorry about that.

Looks good. Well done, and thanks for your cooperation!


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