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Rhord Richardson [Human Church-Knight]
(Special for these reasons; significant ranking within the Church of Stormwind and the titles appropriate for it, possession of influence on NPC law figures)

Player: zenethen

Character Full Name: Rhord Richardson

Character In-Game Name: Rhord

Nickname(s): Carl

Association(s): The Church of Stormwind, the Knights of Darkfall

Race: Human

Class: Crusader (Paladin)

Skills and Abilities: No special abilities outside of experience, devotion, and zealotry.

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Copper, neck-length

Eyes: Light blue

Weight: 201 lbs

Height: 5’ 11”

Usual Garments/Armor: A suit of embossed crimson plate with a tabard bearing his family’s coat of arms. He can otherwise be found in a simple crimson-colored suit. His crimson plate armor has gained him the nickname ‘Carl the Crimson Crusader’ by a jesting man.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good


Rhord is an honorable, if often sarcastic and demeaning, man who is loyal to the crown and church of Stormwind with fierceness that is rivaled by few. He abhors the Horde races, and even finds bigotry for the Alliance races outside of dwarves, gnomes, and his own race of humans. He is zealously loyal to the church, and often follows orders without question so long as they are given by someone from the church. Due to his devotion to the church, he does not often find time to treat others as they might expect to be treated by a Paladin, although at times he may soften and have casual, honest, and nice conversations with those he considers his friends.


Rhord was born around the first days of the First War to a knight of Stormwind and his maiden wife. When the Orcish Horde attacked Stormwind Keep itself, Rhord’s father Richard was among those told to guard the refugees that would later flee with the ships in Stormwind Harbor. In the confusion of the retreat from Stormwind, Rhord’s mother was left within the city when it was attacked, where she died to the orcish attackers. Rhord’s father watched over the barely year-old on the voyage northward.

For the next seven years, Rhord’s father raised him in the background of the furious battles of the Second War. He taught him honor, justice, devotion to the crown, and gave Rhord an education fitted for a proper knight. When the Second War’s horrors took a turn to the southern lands, and Stormwind was eventually reclaimed, Rhord and his father made the voyage south and reconciled to their charred kingdom, once the greatest of all.

During the rebuilding, Rhord’s father was often off helping the reconstruction effort, leaving Rhord to wander the ruined streets errantly. He found himself meeting one of the Clerics of Northshire, returned from their evacuation to Lordaeron. The cleric told him of the legendary paladins and their heroic deeds, and Rhord swore to someday become one. The cleric took Rhord under him as a student of the faith of the Light, and Rhord’s childhood rolled out under his feet as he learned more and more of the Light.

When the reconstruction was finished, Rhord’s father gave him proper martial training fit for his son to someday be granted the title of Paladin. When Rhord was eighteen, he was well-versed in both martial and priestly manners, and was granted the preliminary title of esquire of Stormwind. He studied and served for three more years before he was officially given the title of paladin and granted the titles due to a knight.

Rhord’s service to Stormwind expanded beyond just the city as he began to do the duties of his titles, slowly gaining a strong connection to the church. When the horrors of the Third War raged in the north, Rhord was assigned as a knight in the war effort against the Blackrock orcs in Redridge. His father’s teachings paid off when his battalion was ambushed in Render’s Valley and he took command of the scattered forces in the face of his officers being slain, successfully bringing his comrades out alive.

From there, Rhord’s position with his superiors only grew in the conflict with the Blackrocks. He continued his service against the orcs, growing a select hatred for the race due to their brutality to his comrades, and in an amount of four years easily earned his title that many called merely a family heirloom; a knight of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Having led his comrades to many a victory in the key conflict against the Blackrocks, he finally retired from the war effort for a more welcoming position within the rebuilt Cathedral of Stormwind.

Within the bounds of the Church’s graces, Rhord’s knighthood was officially recognized, and he was granted an appropriate rank within the church’s hierarchy. Later that same year, Rhord was approached by a priestess calling herself the Pure Maiden. She led the Knights of Darkfall, a secret organization of demon-, undead-, and evil-hunters. She offered him a position as one of Darkfall’s leaders, and he accepted.

In the position of the Knights of Darkfall, he was taught further devotion to the Light and church, and his devotion eventually transformed to zealotry as he became deathly loyal to his cause. Rhord remained in this position of switching between services to the church and aiding the Knights of Darkfall, where he remains today, and his zealous actions under Darkfall’s leadership affecting his duties under the church of Stormwind at times.
Quote: When the entrance to the Stormwind catacombs collapsed, it left Rhord and his father as among the few left of the Kingdom of Stormwind. His mother was unable to get to safety in time.

Spending the first several years of his childhood within the catacombs of the Stormwind cathedral,

If the group was trapped inside the Catacombs, how did they manage to survive and get food, water and other such basic needs?

There isn't much of a lead up as to why this character has this influence and authority. I'd like to see that added in as to what he did to earn the higher ranking compared to others who might have done similar actions. A strong connection to the church and zealotry doesn't really stick out to me as a reason for such a rank.

Quote: influence on NPC law figures

To what extent is this influence? In your events only or do you plan for guards in Stormwind/Duskwood to show favor to him?
That issue in the beginning was an unsure decision on whether or not to keep it when I was about to post it, so I'll quickly change that to fit otherwise. The extent to his influence with the law wouldn't be much more than saying 'I'm a knight of the church' and being able to, depending on the occasion, sway guards in his favor, although not as easily as if he had been a captain or some high military rank. Will elaborate on reason for deserving the rank, as well!

First Approval! (1/2)

Just keep in mind how much the guards can be swayed depends on the situation and who is puppeting at the time.
(04-02-2013, 07:29 AM)Reigen Wrote: Just keep in mind how much the guards can be swayed depends on the situation and who is puppeting at the time.

*Chimes in* Definitely this! Who's puppeting (and how they're feeling that day!), the severity of the law (if any) broken, just how he's going about swaying the guards, etc. But yes, I think that saying "I'm a Knight of the Church" does hold some merit, esp. if the guards are rather religious, Light-fearing people.

I hope that his situationally "un-Paladinly" personality adds to some conflict (internal and external) in the future. He's walking a line!

All of that said, this has my 2/2.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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