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Rhozak Deathwielder. [Orc Warrior.]
Player: Psycho.

Character Full Name: Rhozak Deathweilder.

Character In-Game Name: Rhozak.

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): The Horde, The Ashrune Pact.

Race: Orc.

Class: Warrior.

Skills and abilities:

While Rhozak is fairly standard in his fighting capabilities, he has an amazing endurance to injury and can keep fighting past certain injuries. On that, he prefers to fight with his body and fists, rather than an axe or a sword.

Age: Twenty one.

Sex: Male.

Hair : Rhozak's head is mostly bald, besides a single thick black strand of hair held in a ponytail.

Eyes: Brown.

Weight: 480 lbs.

Height: 2.20 meters.

Usual Garments/Armor: Rhozak at most times wears some old leather pants. His torso and forearms are usually wrapped in bandages and on his fists there are leather gloves with knuckle protection on them.

Other: Rhozak seems rather standard. He has a few scars under his bandages and a small part of his left chest is slightly dented inwards.

Personality: Rhozak is not the sharpest axe in the barracks and he damn well knows it. He's a simple Orc with simple solutions, as his old man used to tell him. Rhozak is perhaps not the most modest of Orcs, nor is he the smartest but he has a true heart beating beneath a beaten chest. He is young and foolish, but takes great respect to his friends and allies. Rhozak is always up for a good round of fighting and practice; and will never turn down a challenge.

History: Rhozak is young; young enough to be spared the shameful defeat of the Orcs in the second war... He was born in the interment camps, into a life of poverty and slavery like most Orcs, and that is what he got used to. A life of poverty and constant struggle is all he would get used to.

His father, Drecknar "Stones." was one of the many beaten Orcish warriors who have fallen in battle into the hands of their human masters. His mother, Ragania, was a strange Orc to say the least... She was superstitious and paranoid, and most of all; a Warlock. Being cut from Draenor and the demonic influences of it, Ragania quickly gave her arts away in hope of someday achieving her shamanistic powers back. And so, the unlikely pair of a simple grunt and a powerful ex-demonologist met in the dead of night, under the cloak of shadows. Day after day, until a single night of love, where Rhozak was made.

Life in the camp were always difficult, but Rhozak had been born into them and knew no better. Some might say that his life was a tad more difficult, due to some state of exile from the other Orcs. Demon child they used to call him, they pointed and laughed at the boy who's mother was a Warlock. Life was tough, but so was Rhozak... He had learnt to fight, and he learnt to fight well! Rhozak practiced constantly every day. Years passed and years went, Rhozak has grown to become a rather wide Orc. At the age of fourteen the unexpected happened... Thrall had come and released the Orcs from their captivity! It was on that day which Rhozak saw his father's near execution, and how he was disarmed and helpless... He saw the Wolfriders quickly saving his life with calls of battle, and he swore; that he would never be disarmed.

A while passed as the Orcs settled into the lands of Kalimdor, and quite quickly after, the third war broke out. Rhozak was eager to go help! To fight for the newfound Horde and their freedom! But he was too young... Just a boy, his father would say. And so both Ragania and Drecknar, or mom and dad as Rhozak learnt to call them, left off to fight... Leaving Rhozak behind to raise himself alone. It was a long seven years, Rhozak grew and fought... At the age of sixteen, at the peak of puberty Rhozak discovered strange new feelings... But unlike the other Orcs he had learnt to call friends, they were not towards women... They were towards other males. What an embarrassment, what would his father say? What would his friends say? Rhozak decided to keep it his own private secret, he would not become the exile, not again.

The years passed by and the secret became increasingly hard to keep... But either way it was kept aside. And eventually the third war died out, and imagine Rhozak's joy when not one, but both his parents returned alive and well from the war. Tears were shed and stories told... And life felt, normal again... But Rhozak was twenty one, and soon his passing to adulthood would come upon him. As the beginning of his tests, he decided to tell his father about his secret. Drecknar was not happy, not one bit... But he learnt to accept it with time. And so Rhozak was sent on his way with no provisions to Orgrimmar in order to make a name for himself... And that is exactly what he will do there.

Rhozak currently resides in Orgrimmar.
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