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Rija Silentshot. [Night Elf Priestess of the moon.]
Changes will be in PINK. Because Pink is manly.

Player: Psycho.

Character Full Name: Rija Silentshot.

Character In-Game Name: Rija.

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Darnassus, the Alliance, but most of all the Night Elves as a race.

Race: Night Elf.

Class: Priestess of the Moon.

Skills and Abilities: Rija is in most terms a generic Priestess of the moon, with a few differences.

Voice of the Moon - Having spent more years without combat, Rija has found her self gifted in granting morale boosts to troops.

Paragon of Elune - Rija did not merely obtain her status for cleaning the temple floors and remembering her tenants. She had used her potential as a Priestess to the last drop, practicing and becoming a powerful Holy caster capable of great acts of healing and strengthening her allies.

On the back of angels - Rija is a most capable saber rider, able to maneuver her mount to its finest extents.


Delicate - Rija is physically frail, barley being able to withstand damage of any physical form. It would take no more than a glancing hit or two to bring her to harm, armor or not.

Mount reliant - Rija is very reliant on her Saber to maneuver the field of battle and bring her towards those who are in need of healing. Without her saber, she moves much slower and can hardly bring herself to dodge blows.

A singular Devotion - A potent and powerful Healer, Rija forsook the teachings of most offensive magics, focusing solely on healing and defending her allies in battle. Without anyone to fight alongside her, she hardly stands a chance.

Age: 7332. A mere year after the exile of the Highborn.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Rija's hair is a thin and organized slide around her head all the way to her shoulders. A silvery white.

Eyes: Like most Night Elven women, a glowing silver.

Weight: 260 lbs [118 kg].

Height: 6'8" [2.03 m].

Usual Garments/Armor: Rija is usually donned in a mixture of high quality robes and a mixture of light armor such as padded cloth and the occasional plate. She carries her staff and a cleansing lantern among her form most of the time.

Other: None.

Personality: Rija is divinity in form, so to say. She is friendly, polite, and quite a lady. She reveres Elune above any deity, but respects their right to exist. While not outgoing, Rija is a mentally strong and confident woman, speaking her mind more than often and refusing to lie about any subjects. The power of her status did nothing to affect her in any negative way. She never abuses her power, and she respects the cultural changes occurring throughout her race, and at times even welcomes them. Rija is also quite a spiritual woman, believing quite greatly in the saying of 'mind over matter'. This usually comes in effect to her behavior in the cases of wealth.

Rija is a friendly woman to most Alliance races, Draenei and other Night Elves especially. She keeps a light guard up when around Humans, and tends to be a bit disapproving of the ways of the Dwarves and the Gnomes. But yet, she doesn't outright show her distaste of their ways, trying her best to respect the cultural differences. In all senses, she treats all members of the Alliance as allies to the Night Elves, and tries her best to learn of their ways. So long as they do not harm her people.

Rija on the other hand considers and treats most Horde members with outright distrust and dislike. Enemies to the Alliance are enemies to her people, she says. Though she considers the Tauren with less distrust, and at times even as friends, she still keeps her alert when they are around. Her sight on Orcs and Trolls is rather plain. She hates them. As for Bloodelves and Forsaken, she sees their past as tragic, but their actions as unjustified. She will often keep a hand on her weapon when around any Horde member, Tauren being the exception.

As of recent Events, Rija's personality took on the addition of a motherly sense. She takes great care of those who fight with her, and will often display signs of emotional distress if they were to come unto harm's way. She feels herself responsible for many things which she had no option to prevent, and sees most negative things as personal failures of her own doing, often berating herself and belittling her own worth.

History: Underneath the light of the stars, in a watery creak, the sound of a baby's cries were had. But no sorrow was in that moment, but joy. For it was then, a child was born, her silver eyes flickering open for the first time, the first sight to greet her was the glowing radiant orb in the skies, and the shape of her huffing mother, covered in glowing beads of sweat, and the priestess besides her. The very night of the child's birth was a night of a full moon. The child was soon named by her joyous mother, by the name of Rija.

Even from cradle, Rija was exposed to the religious lifestyle of the Night Elven people. Often carried by her mother in her arms to the temple of Elune to behold at the beautiful water and the statues of the revered godess. The songs sung to Rija were those of a religious concept, of the black velvet skies and the beautiful silver specks of stars covering its vast endless space. But despite this, not once has Rija met or even seen her father. Only her mother being around to take care of her.

The baby soon grew to be a young child. A curious and surprisingly smart girl for her age. Her legs always carrying her to forbidden parts of the temples, where children should not be playing. Often she would get into trouble with her mother, but nothing of too a great deal. Rija would at times sit hours on the low branches of the near trees, eyeing in admiration the priestess' beautiful robes and hypnotizing chants. She remembers the elegance these women walked with, the beauty they carried on their body and words. She would stay there from dawn to dusk, smiling in thoughts and fantasies of the beautiful temples and the joyful peace Elune granted her people. She would pray every night before going to sleep, alongside her mother, and would at times even pray at her spare times.

The child soon grew to a young teen, her body growing more and more womanly. Her wits only growing and her curiosity expanding. She began reading and learning more and more from the Priestesses of the temple, always hypnotized by the sight of the grand buildings and carvings to revere the beautiful goddess. She began studying and learning, her ambitions and desires growing. Her mother watched in approval as her daughter began learning to become a priestess. Rija studied fiercely, putting much more effort than the other pupils, her motivation as strong and as encouraged by her mother. Her prayers began to take on more and more meaning.

The young teen soon grew to be a woman, and a priestess. Rija finished her studies, and in high holding. Her once thin body receiving its womanly curves and shape. As a Priestess, she began mending to the temple and joining among the other women whom she so adored and admired, joining on their chants and hypnotizing songs. It was a time of joy and peace, a time Rija would never forget. She studied, and studied hard, never taking a lazy pause as she worked eagerly and happily, mending to the wounded of minor accidents. The times were prosperous and peaceful, her skills growing with surprising talent. Her mother watched and encouraged her daughters every step. Though, Rija had never even once heard mentions of her father. It was only on another full moon where she had finally mustered the courage to ask her mother of him. With sorrow in her voice, her mother told her that her father had lost his life in the Emerald Dream, after the sundering. Coming to realization with her mother's protectiveness, Rija did all she could to ease the life of the woman who raised and cared for her.

Years passed. Eons passed. And yet, Rija's training never paused. She took amazing skill to her work, and never faltered from her duties and her love to the goddess. It was only by chance that when Rija was cleaning the Temple that has she over heard a conversation from her mother and another woman. Rija's curiousity led her to eavesdrop on the on going talk, where she soon learned that she was one of the nominates to take up the mantle of a Priestess of Elune. Thrilled by the news, Rija crept away from the ongoing talk to pray and praise Elune, thanking her for deeming her worthy of such a title. Her mother soon after shared the wonderful news with her daughter.

But they joy did not last for long. It was a mere few days afterwards when the news of the war of the Shifting Sands was beginning to spread. The call of war once more beckoned to the Night Elves, and Rija was of course as duty bound as the next. She was quick to try and enlist, but only her mother was quicker to stop her. Despite her efforts and protest, her mother denied Rija of her right to fight for and with her people, deeming her as far more valuable. Angry and frightened for the safety of her mother who took her place, Rija withdrew to the temples to pray and study, spending hours at work in hopes for her mother's safety.

And so the days passed. And finally, Rija's mother returned. A tearful reunion that soon turned all the more tearful at the startling realization. During the war, Rija's mother lost her right arm, and suffered incurable damaged to her legs. The Sentinels carried her, for she could not walk on her own, and the once lively woman turned still and unmoving in her own home, under the care of her fearful daughter. Tending daily to her crippled mother, the young Priestess prayed and prayed, frantically and daily. Despite her situation, Rija's mother never seemed to lose much of her smile. She was happy, in truth, to have spared such a fate from her daughter. Though Rija never quite stopped blaming herself for it.

And so the priestess grew to be. It was shortly after, no more than three weeks, that Rija was chosen to bear the mantle of a Priestess of the Moon. Her joy great and the memories of the ceremony were ones that would never leave her. She remembered the cheer of the people, and the salute of the Sentinels. And so, a whole new life was laid ahead of Rija. Her training grew more and more intense, showing her all new ways of combat and magic, and introduced her to her saber. A creature that would be spending the rest of his life with Rija. Rija had named him Moonlight. Once more, the times of peace and prosperity returned to the Night Elves. Though only for the while being.

During one of her patrols with two sentinels, Rija had encountered upon a strange sight. Green burly men, tusks emitting from their lower jaws... They were chopping down trees. In their very forests. Shocked and enraged by this sight, she and the sentinels soon drove the lumber party back with barely a survivor left, and soon withdrew back to tell of what they had encountered. The conflict between the Night Elves and the Orc began. Rija had participated in many battles, though the green beasts were a terrifying force to reckon with. In the bloody campaign, the demigod Cenarius was killed. Rija along other priestesses was one of the many mourners, the funeral grand in order to memorize the fallen leader.

The third war broke loose as the Demons fought against the living creatures of Azeroth. Rija served as best she could, tending to many dead and many living. It was in the battle of mount Hyjal where Rija and three other Priestesses of the Moon showed their combined wrath, a slaughter of demonic and undead entities alike. The battle was soon over as the Night Elves gave up their immortality, the loss of Nordrassil planting a deep scar within Rija's mind. She knew its sacrifice was a needed price, but it did nothing to ease her mourn. The bloody battle over, her work was far from done. Many were injured, and many more were left lain dead beneath piles of gore and filth. She volunteered to aid as best she could.

As the events of Northrend unfolded, Rija had opted for staying with her people. A world torn by war had to mend for itself. She had her people as a first priority. Not a while passed before news of strange new species emerged to the sound of the now renown woman. A strange large humanoid race. Its skin blue. Tendrils on its face, and hooves for feet. Rija was part of the first few squadrons to make contact with this new... Draenei. She was startled at start by their similarity to demons, but as time passed and their tragic story unfolded, they have proven to have a spot in the woman's heart. Out of pity, and acceptance to their new allies.

Time passed. The world mended. Arthas was finally slain. And so much more had happened. And yet, Rija found that a hole was left blank in her heart. In search of her mother, Rija set out in the new grand tree of Teldrassil, only to find absolutely nothing. There were no traces of her mother, no matter how hard she had tried to seek for her. None saw her, and soon the already worried Priestess grew to panic. To this day, Rija's mother remains lost and her location unknown to her daughter.

Tending to her duties as a Priestess of the Moon, Rija's life continued. And the usual events of the day were altered slightly. Meeting a young talented woman by the name of Kalah, Rija began instructing her in the matters of demeanor and faith, having adopted a role of a Shan'do for the young girl. Rija was proud in her student- Proud enough to take a second woman underneath her teaching, a younger girl by the name of Linevi. Teaching the two, the Priestess felt a sense of accomplished pride for each success of her separate pupils. And whilst Rija taught Kalah about faith, she prepared Linevi for a role withing the clergy. Life went on, as did Rija, when she met Bananor- A sentinel from Silithus. Falling into a romance with him, as he did with her. And for a while being, life looked well. The war was dying out, despite the uneasy silence between the factions.

Despite her joy, it was not to last. One of Rija's students, Linevi, began taking the teachings of shadow despite her Shan'do's warnings. Eventually, Linevi left, telling her teacher that she would have to find her own path. Concerned and sorrowful, Rija waited. It was shortly afterwards, that the great shattering of Azeroth occurred. Rija caught wind from a messenger that arrived from the coast of Darkshore, explaining to her of the grim situation. Parting ways with her lover, the Priestess soon took attention to begin aiding the efforts of the Sentinels there. What she saw, horrified her. The earth sundered and the Naga rose, the whole world's gone mad. And amid that chaotic shift of the earth, the Priestess realized that one of her students still roamed the world beyond Teldrassil, where the brunt of the shattering occurred.

Weary and terrified, Rija now aids the struggles of the Alliance and her people to survive through the Cataclysm, in search of her lost pupil.
Get away from my daughter.

I like the shade of pink. I don't think we've ever had changes done in PD with it, but I found the whole affair very soothing while I read. :)

Changes are OK for me -- 1/2.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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