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Rise of the Ridaken!
With Cata' now in swing, it's obvious the world needs its very own Blood Elven clan to return in full strength! The Ridaken family is looking for both blood, and clan related members to join up now that things are in full swing again! Let's go over what's open!

First Generation Ridaken - These are the old timers of the Clan, being around since about the start a century ago. They were there when Dakius was in charge, and the clan had a noble outlook, few enemies, and a strong connection to the noble houses at the time. These characters would have a long history with the family, and would have a renowned status most likely. They'd of served within the last few wars in service of the clan as well.

Looking for a few ideas on how to do these First Gen'? Well here's a few characters that could easily be taken over!

Emradia Ridaken - A Sin'dorei woman reaching her thousandth birthday, she'd of been friends with Draconis and Dakius, the clan's Executioner and the Original Head. She'd be a rogue of great skill, very well known for commanding the defense of the estate, which was a relatively moderate scale Savage Troll attack on the Ridaken Estate near their founding. She'd have the Ridaken name out of honor to the clan, but would not be blood related. Her past before joining is completely open to the player to decide! Her appearance is open to the player's choosing as well.

Christune Ridaken - A Sin'dorei man of an older generation. The preferred age being well over seven hundred. This character wouldn't be known for being a large player in terms of service in combat, instead being the Clan's Keeper of sorts. His primary concern teaching the newer members the ways of the clan in terms of knowledge, the past of the clan, it's philosphies, and of course their goal. When not teaching a newbie to their ranks, this character acts as a knowledge bank of sorts, keeping a large collection of books and keeping a libraby of sorts in good health for the clan. Christune would be equal to Draconis in worth to the guild, being one of the original founders with Dakius. This character could very easily be placed as the brother of Draconis if the player wishes, or can have a completely stand alone past.

Dynalis Ridaken (Now played by Rini)- She's a Sin'dorei only in her two hundreds, although being apart of the first generation she is respectively one of the youngest of the founding generation. She'd of been saved nearly a 100 years ago from being a prisoner to slavers, locked away in a cage and being prepared to be transported off for sale. Her savior being Dakius all on pure chance, not being anything beyond stumbling upon her and her captors. She'd look to Dakius as a father figure, meaning Keelik as her older brother of sorts. She'd be a preferribly non-combatant of the clan, specializing in medicine and vetranarian like practices. She'd be a very beautiful girl to note, her figure being even more defined then the bulk of sin'dorei women. Her past before joining would be that of a very well educated girl from Silvermoon, not having to much of a troubled past.

Sidaur Ridaken - A large and bulky Sin'dorei who's seen just a little to much combat, he'd be a bit taller then most blood elves, and quite the muscular type. Seeing his fair share of combat even before joining the Ridaken made Sid' into a bit of a cold man. Upon joining the Ridaken he was a rare case, being one to seek out the Clan, rather then being brought into it. He'd of been one of the last standing after the Massacre of the clan nine months ago. His survival being shaky for a few months due to a number of injuries which have since healed for the most part. (These injuries are open to you to decide.) The death of a great deal of his friends taking a strong toll on him and causing him to take on a drinking problem. When he is sober he'd be a calculated, quiet man. However when tipsy, or hammered, he'd have a fighting problem and what would seem bi-polarity, between being the sad song and the guy dancing on the table. Any players with a strong ability of making jokes on the spot will do well with this character, simply due to his behaviour when drinking (which is a large amount of the time.) He can be any age from 200+ and any class is fine, however a warrior kind of fighter may fit his combatant past.

These are just a few characters that would be appreciated to be brought up, if anyone's interested. Anyone looking to really get deep into a storyline are asked to give it a try, we (me and Pharaoh) are looking to keep this clan active for many more months, and down the line hope to go away from the whole hiding idea and return to their more noble side. A few events are planned so far, and many more are sure to come! If anyone's interested please just post up a response to this thread! If you have an idea for a completely different character you'd like to create in connection to the clan, by all means also post about it!
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
30+ views, no interest? Is there perhaps something I should change up to make it interesting?
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
One of the four mentioned has been taken up by Rini!

Dynalis is no longer needing a player. Remember you don't -need- to play one of these four, feel free to request your own character's past to be involved! I'm more then happy to give you a way into the clan if only ya' ask!
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
Just a quick bump, after yesterday's final event for the Vivalyn chapter of the clan we're starting to prepare for a bit more open, and more positive storyline that should involve a number of different groups. Anyone who's interested can still PM me, or reply here with questions, or to call a character! Just a note : Although mostly comprised of BElf's, we are fine with other horde races being involved, granted they may find themselves slightly on the outside looking in. But we'll do our best to get any characters involved, so even new players have a place that they can enjoy.
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]

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