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Resurrect(er): Astus

Killer:Death of Master (Indirectly killed by Tavren, I suppose.)

Drawbacks: None. Died of Master's Death

Darkness. Darkness was all around me, comforting. Then there was a disturbance. Something was awakening. All around, a dark light began to glow. The lights took the shape of runes. Something began to pull me... away from the comforting blackness and into the dark light. I begin to inch towards a dark, pulsing rune. I try to pull away, yet I move closer to it. The lights surround me on all sides. I know what's happening, and I dread it. I thought I was free... I thought I had escaped. I was pulled into the pulsing rune.

I open my eyes. Even the dim light of the underground place is blinding. There is a sort of ache all over... I look down at the body that was once mine. The runes plastered all over it are glowing. I look to my left to see my... Master...
channeling energy into this body... I lie my head back down, closing my eyes.
I thought I had escaped... I thought I was free...

I was wrong
Every day, I feel more a part of this community. And soon, as I merge with the local populace, I can begin the conversion. One at a time. One of us.

My egg died... Here is its corpse, may it rest in pieces.

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