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Rogue DK question for mods
Soooo... I have a DK, Sanya Frostbloom, who I play a lot, and she's been developing distinctly more psychotic behavior for months now. She is very weak to heat, dislikes/distrusts still-living people, and thinks her runeblade is talking to her.

I'm starting to wonder about that last bit. From what has developed thus far, I can come to any one of four possible conclusions.
Would a Content mod be able to tell me what is acceptable to use, and what isn't? It is still ambiguous enough to be changed. I really don't want my character locked.

Anyhow. She is either
1. Genuinely flat-out crazy, which is the simplest.
2. She caught some nasty soul in the runeblade. I doubt this, since she isn't powerful enough to do so, and has no special runeblade. Not to mention that it's getting too close to a certain lore figure.
3. The Saronite is getting to her.
Or 4. When she was revived, some of her own crazy/personality was trapped in the runeblade. This is very feasible, as she was fairly similar in life.

I'd appreciate it if I could get a yes/no on any one of those.
Please note that I'm not looking for a 'ticket' to make my character speshul or OP; I just want to decide what the fel is wrong with her so I actually know before she dies.
Any takers?
Personally I think it's very probable to have a runeblade to have a consciousness.

It depends on how your Dk was formed, but soul removed, then regained. Her soul could be contained in her sword keeping her body animated. Or a part of her as you said. When Jidaeo "died" I wrote something like two blue lights rose, and formed into one before he went to afterlife. And part was from his body and part was from his sword.

I think its open to interpretation of course. As Magic's ( within reason ) boundaries are usually one's imagination.

first option could be plausible.

But I personally don't see anything wrong with option 4.

Not a GM though so...
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Ah. Sanya was dead for quite a while before being revived. It's even (remotely) possible that she ended up using the same runeblade that killed her.

I'm tending towards thinking that the people raising her did a shoddy job, and accidentally stuck part of the soul in the sword. It's far more interesting than the first option. But that's the problem - it could be too interesting to use.

Thanks for the input. I 'preciate it.
Just a thing about option 2.

Most DKs do not actually wear Saronite. It's just Blizzard messes with item names. To wear Saronite, is it pretty much instantly become insane.

The Saronite Armor set at the DK vendor is considered Cobalt. Not Saronite. Because you'd be crazy if you wore it.

Edit: I like the idea in your post right above mine. It's interesting. And nothing is ever really -too- interesting.
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Well, all said and done, if the Runeblade she wields was possibly one that killed her, it'd be a Scourge blade, and more than often, Scourge weaponry and armour is constructed from Saronite, or contains traces of it. So, you COULD say that the Runeblade she wields contains Saronite, unknown to her. Although, some things you should know about Saronite:

That Pies Guy! Wrote:Saronite DOESN'T cause direct insanity. Instead, Saronite would allow Yogg-Saron to "commune" in a sense with anybody who is exposed to the substance over a long time. With the voices flooding the victim's head from the unholy whispers, one would more than often go mad, or in the case of your somewhat crazy Sanya, madder.

Saronite is a VERY strong metal, which is why the Scourge use it. Since the Scourge is mainly populated by mindless servants, the Lich King wouldn't have to worry a bit about insanity within his ranks.

So, to answer your question, I believe option number 3 WOULD be entirely plausible. However, you would have to gain a greater understanding of Saronite and possibly Yogg-Saron in order for "realistic" character progression throughout time.

Both options 2 and 4 aren't possible, unless Sanya SOMEHOW managed to attain a Runeblade from a Second-Generation Death Knight, who were given Vampiric Runeblades. Vampiric Runeblades are the only Runeblades capable of absorbing the soul of an enemy. Trust me, somehow giving your Death Knight a Vampiric Runeblade would require a metric crapton of IC posts, and for all I know, is currently disallowed!
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Pies Wrote:Vampiric Runeblade

I demand this for my warlock, would make stuff so much easier.

Tired of casting that same old ritual to rip out someone's soul..


No but seriously now, I think your best bet is to have her being driven mad by the whispers of Yogg-saron. See, Yogg-saron whispers things like,

They are coming for you...
Kill them all... before they kill you...
Give in to your fear...
They have turned against you... now, take your revenge...
Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends...
There is no escape... not in this life... not in the next...
You are a pawn of forces unseen...
It was your fault...
You will be alone in the end...
Hope is an illusion...
All that you know will fade...
Trust is your weakness...

Which reminds me, can my Draenei be driven insane by Yogg-saron?
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Actually, I would love to do a lot of in-character posts to earn something. I currently do them just for recreation. Now my question is to the mods, will a vampiric runeblade be permitted? Are there any available guidelines to follow?
Nope! I think we've told players in the past, no current player deathknight can have one of the vampiric runeblades.

And as for runeblades talking to you... insanity would probably be the best choice. I also love how the title says "Question for the mods" and I count absolutely 0 mods, but many players. Heh.
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△Move along.△


Rensin Wrote:And as for runeblades talking to you... insanity would probably be the best choice. I also love how the title says "Question for the mods" and I count absolutely 0 mods, but many players. Heh.
The whole transition from being under the Lich King's sway with his voice in your head while under it and the event of becoming 'free' is enough of a shock as it is.
And, to be fair, nothing wrong with people putting in their presumptions so long as they're edumacated ones. Besides, none of us GMs had responded for a day... heh.
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Very true.
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△Move along.△


Yar. To backup the runeblade thing. Some have argued that all Death Knights have them. But only the higher ranking Death Knights of the Scourge have been given a hand-crafted vampiric runeblade, straight from the Lich King. I also don't know how the GM's feel about players with Saronite, as it is an extremely sharp and deadly ore ( Only thing better metal-wise is Titansteel. Saronite is even better then Elementium )So that might not even be a possibility. However being insane, for a Death Knight is quite common. I'd like to think alot of them are insane in one way or another. Go with that route, yo.

Hope this helps.
Ok, I get the point.

I think I'm going to be the one to choose the particular brand of crazy. So no more info on that, please.

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