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Rokhjin's Reconnaissance
I'm sure this has become a normal sight at the OOC area these days...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113140440.jpg]

Well today, through the magic of engineering, I've put my life on the line to bring you a new look at this mystical, magical place that overlooks our favourite area... Shatterspear...
A magical portal brought me here and, thankfully, I had my camera (and my camera-using drone) on me as I materialized...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135913.jpg]

I was met with a dragon-decorated dock and a gate... Which, luckily, was unlocked. Maybe one of the GMs lost their keys... Thank the Goddess for that!
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135925.jpg]

As I looked around, I was horrified to find a bear stabbed by magical swords! Unable to help the poor beast, I sighed and posed in front of it, proving the cruelty our beloved GM overlords hide when we're not looking.
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135808.jpg]

Thankfully, the GMs are not pure evil as they also had some soft pillows on which I rested a little during this entire ordeal.
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135853.jpg]

They even had a desk! They actually do work after all!
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135831.jpg]

After resting, I traveled upstairs to find out more of this wretched place... Where I was greeted by this poor beast, strung up off the ceiling...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135748.jpg]

I couldn't help but mount it for another pose...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113140026.jpg]

As I reached the top of the building, I found what could only be the control center of the entire world (of Warcraft), filled with magical artifacts, a seat and even books. This could only be the seat of power of an immensely powerful creature.
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135656.jpg]

Though, right then, it was my seat...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135723.jpg]

Before any GMs could show up to punish me for my trespassing, I quickly ran outside and snapped this picture...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135643.jpg]

And then I jumped, using my engineering to land safely... Wow, this is high up...
[Image: wowscrnshot041113135635.jpg]
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I am confused.
How so...?

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