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Rowgen's Biweekly Adventures
"I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging."

Now, obviously the title caught your attention. Before I answer any questions that might've popped up in your heads, I'll begin with saying that the questions and answers presented below are admittedly only a hypothetical interview. I struggled to find a good, solid way to present this idea of mine in a text. Separating it into questions and answers seemed like a good idea, because then I could keep the focus on answering that one particular question. I hope you'll bear with me; some of the questions may have been phrased a bit cheesy.

However, since I know everything already, I might forget to answer questions that would be obvious to you! Therefore, if you want me to elaborate on any answer or have other questions, do feel free to post them below, and I'll do my best to answer them!

So, whenever you're ready; let's start.

Q: What's that quote all about, Rowgen? What're you up to?

A: This is an attempt from my side to evoke associations, and to catch your attention for me to explain my new project(s)! Using a famous quote was a good way of giving you an inkling of what I'm up to, without a long-winded explanation.

Q: Okay, you have my attention. You still haven't told me what this is all about.

A: That's more of a statement than a question, but I'll let it pass. This project is very simple in the basics, really: I am looking for people to share in an adventure with me. From here, I'll deviate from the original quote, though.

Q: How so?

A: I won't be arranging this. You will. While I'll participate as a player, I will also be puppeting NPCs, DMing encounters and providing ambiance for the adventures we set out on.

Q: So this is an event chain or storyline, sort of?

A: Not exactly. I won't be laying any plans - beforehand, at least - for what we do, but I will come with suggestions. Ultimately, what happens is up to you and what you want to do. I will not direct you or restrict you. This is an adventure, after all; it is spontaneous, improvised and - most importantly - free. You'll be allowed to go wherever you please - as long as you don't run into complications. This may come in the form of ambushes, barred roads or uncooperative NPCs (or characters, for that matter).

Q: Can you give an example of a complication?

A: When I went adventuring with a group from Shattrath to Nagrand, we experienced being turned away by the guards when we were trying to exit through the passage underneath the mountain. Therefore, we had to go a long way around, through the Terokkar Forest and Zangarmarsh, to get there. When the game doesn't conveniently present us with a challenge to overcome, I'll see if I can't make some up on my own.

Q: Why'd you bother doing that?

A: Honestly, the whole thing was improvised. A bugged guard attacked us when we tried to approach the exit, and I had to revive the whole group. To save ourself the trouble, we caused even more trouble for our characters by forcing them to take the longer, less safe way around.

Q: Did anything happen along the way?

A: Oh, loads of things! For a start, our party was ambushed by naga. Fortunately reinforcements arrived in the form of a new adventurer stumbling upon the party. Despite the group consisting primarily of Horde races, the two Alliance players who joined us in Zangarmarsh were allowed to join the party on their way - in a mutually convenient, temporary alliance. The initial suspicion was somewhat dampened by the bond shared by those who smash in the faces of naga together.

Q: Are these adventures for both factions?

A: That depends entirely on the zones we find ourselves in. In Zangarmarsh, blending the factions made sense - we were under attack and we needed help. However, when we'd overcome the danger and were approaching Garadar, it became more natural to split up again.

Q: In which zones will the adventures take place, then?

A: The example I gave above ended up covering three zones, so to say that the adventures will take place in any one zone would be wrong. It depends entirely on how willing the group is to enter new zones. Admittedly, some zones (or collections of zones!) lend themselves to adventure better than others.

Q: How long will each adventure take?

A: Last weekend's adventure in Outland lasted from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Ultimately, I'll spend a majority of my time online during the weekend on this. There's no set start or end to any one adventure, and I do encourage players who partake in them to carry on adventuring - even while I'm not online.

Q: Do you really think people will play without you being there?

A: I do! Actually, the Outland-gang enjoyed themselves so much that when I left them for two hours to go on a hike in the mountains, they were still at it when I returned! That day, I spent over five hours (excluding my break) on the adventure.

Q: How big was the group?

A: People came and went, but the number varied from four to nine players, and anything between. Big shout to @CappnRob, @ImagenAshyun, @Dug, @MstrCorvus, @Maarten777 @Ronin, @Kira13 and @Sorum (among many others I unfortunately couldn't track down!) for their participation and company! You all truly made it an amazing adventure for me, both as your fellow player and as your DM!

Q: So, do you feel the "experiment" was a success?

A: Absolutely. Those three days have gone down as one of my absolute best roleplaying experiences in all my time on CoTH! I'll gladly admit that I was giddy like a kid throughout the whole thing, and just in general had a blast!
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  • Sol, Altaine, Delta, CappnRob, c0rzilla, Dug, Kage, ImagenAshyun, JVNemesis, Dilly, Kira13, Valicor, Vladdy
-points for not listing me in that list. Your act shall remain engraved into my memory for the rest of my life.

And now for the little more serious part.. Yup, I like the initiative, and what you're doing with it. If you'd ask me, this is far better than any type of event. I will try and participate once again.
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  • Rowgen
Retcon. I knew I shouldn't have tried to list everyone, as I knew I'd forget someone! I'm sorry, Sorum! :)
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It was fun. I liked it. I hope more of it happens, Nagrand became some sort of a hot spot for RP. Jump in and jump out whenever you feel like it.
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  • Rowgen
I'm realizing that it was very ambitious of me to promise that this would happen once every two weeks, with regards to my schedule!

However, what I discovered is that my Nagrand-adventure and my Badlands-quest went down pretty well with the populace, by the look of it! So whenever I can, I will continue this tradition here. I'll be home for the holidays from the 13th to the New Year at least, and during that time I'll try to cook up longer, more expansive adventures! I'll also strive to advertise it more, so I can bring more people along!

Looking forward to it, and I'll keep working on my DMing to further improve the storylines as I go!
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Stay tuned on my next project, Durotar: Betrayal in the Sand, yet another adventure!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Yay! More Rowgen adventure! Now I just gotta find someone who can be there.....
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
@Rowgen , the last place I was expecting my dialogue to be was in an IC post about an adventure....and I wouldn't have it any other way. Awesome idea! You'll definitely see me involved, on more characters than Grukk as well.
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  • Rowgen
I'd like to finish today's event with a very heart-felt thanks; thank you all for attending, and for giving me another extremely exciting and adventurous day! I hope to see you all tomorrow, for another adventure! :D
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[-] The following 1 user Likes Valicor's post:
  • Rowgen
This is simply wonderful. Expect to see Darkie in the other two events. I want to see the rest of this story.
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  • Rowgen

I'll be postponing the continuation of the current adventure, due to a temporarily declining health draining me of energy (read: sickness). Therefore, because I have a strong occupational pride when it comes to the standard quality of my events, I'll instead continue the adventure in the next weekend, perhaps, or at a later point.

In the meantime:

We'll employ time-warp, as I like to call it. The story is not retconned and will continue, but at a later date. Therefore, I suggest either pretending that the adventure is over, and then we fill in the blanks at a later point, or we pretend the adventure hasn't occurred yet, and we finish it as though it happened the days before the final parts of the adventure.

Either way, the adventure will ICly have transpired seamlessly with no major interruptions. Whatever we choose, I'll start from Hunter's Hill in the Barrens.

Stay tuned, folks! It's been a great time, and I hope to see y'all again very soon!
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  • Valicor

Due to a recent blow I don't see myself mustering the energy to continue the ongoing Durotar-storyline. Seeing as I fear it'll only lose momentum with time, I do believe I'll simply rule that Juvenk was not caught, and that the hunt ended in a failure. I hope that people who invested in this storyline understand my decision, and see the hunt's failure as a source of character development, albeit perhaps not the one initially imagined.

I do intend to continue with storylines of this kind, but I feel unable to finish this particular one.
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