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Rules in this Mad World
I thought I would reply here with a brainstorm, instead of making a new thread, because it applies on the subject of rules.

As has been mentioned before, I used to be an Immortal/Admin on a MUD, so I know the value of having rules spelled out and in front of people so help minimize drama and fighting. So, some things we should talk about:

1. Keeping within the lore. IMO, we don't need characters from other dimensions, worlds, etc. or characters that are out of place and make no sense with the current, established lore. Warcraft lore is already fairly diverse, so I don't see why players would need to branch out of the many possibilities it offers.

The above partially relates to Mary Sues. It helps prevent fairly infamous characters, like the "vampiric, lycanthropic, Elven Fallen Angel of draconic descent, who has a tragic past where he cries TEARS OF BITTER SORROW because his parents were slaughtered and he was kidnapped and experimented on because he is some 'chosen one,' who is an expert of both fighting and magic and can use these skills in tandem to slay entire armies of enemies, who the all the ladies (and, optionally, many of the guys) want to get in bed with (the rest of the guys are all so jealous,) who has a good heart but is too 'cool' to show it, and does all of this wielding a katana and wearing a black trench coat and shades." Ahem.

2. Something that is bound to happen at some point if we ever get more conflict-oriented RPs...what do we do when we have an IC conflict that needs to be resolved, but no one can decide how to resolve it? For example, player A wants to duel and player B wants to RP it out, and neither wants to do the other's suggestion?

3. It's probably better to have a more concrete list of instances where use of Gift/Wrath/uber weapons is allowed and disallowed. IMO, any PvP combat that is RPed up to or announced over guild would need to have these items removed. It's also likely they may end up needing to be removed for certain GM-run events, so that they are easier to balance.
I'm rather miffed that I can't cyber in Org's main streets. The rock is a pretty hot location.

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