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Every DK has one, but what do we know about them?

The reason I ask is because of recently I've made a plot twist, in having my Paladin Brutus, abscond with Tharia's runeblade.

The best way to describe my feeling of runeblades would be to compare them to the One Ring in Tolkein's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. They have a mind of their own developed from contact with their master and when separated crave to reunite with their original owner.

Wowwiki tells a similar tale when describing Vampiric Runeblades

Another question I would pose is, just how corrupting are these swords? I do not intend for Brutus to fall prey to the blade but I think it could make it interesting if he had that sort of thing nagging at him.


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Well, the only thing I know, is that a Death Knight gets quite weak without his Runeblade.

That's all I know.
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Runeblades held by Ebon Death Knights are not Vampiric Runeblades. They're simply a rune-etched sword that serves as an extension of the Knight while he or she has the blade in his or her possession. Any Knight can use any Runeblade after some customization, and any blade can become etched, but non-Knights cannot use the blade for anything but a sharp metal edge.

Runeblades have a limited intelligence after a certain time of use, and, in the case of these blades, simply coerce the person who stole the blade into returning to Acherus where they're summarily killed and the Runeblade repossessed. This also works in the case of the Knight's death. The blade will try and return to Acherus to be given to a newly risen Knight.
Runes are for channeling magic, so the Ebon Blade runeblades are simply swords with spell frameworks pre-built into them. Like a frost spell or like a death spell framework that the death knight need simply channel their magic power into to activate.
There's actually no lore stating that the runeblades the acherus knights use have any intelligence. Even the runeblades used by the average d20 death knight doesn't have any, and those are actually paladins who willingly go to the Scourge, and are gifted a runeblade by the Lich King as a reward. You'd think if their runeblades aren't that powerful, the Acherus ones definitely wouldn't be.
Quote:When a death knight who owns a runeblade is destroyed, the sword dampens its powers, taking on the appearance of a nondescript magical weapon. It uses its empathic powers to manipulate its next owner — encouraging feelings of possession and anger, discouraging kindness and altruism. Once it gains enough control over its owner, it encourages him to seek out the secret places where death knights still dwell. Only then can the runeblade accomplish its goal of gaining a new master.

WoWWiki says that, but this is my evaluation of the situation. (OOH, that rhymed.)

Runeblades, more specifically the Vampiric ones, suck at the life force of those killed by it. It's got a sort of symbiotic relation with it's wielder. A runeblade wants a master, and the Death Knight doesn't want to part with their own. The runeblade builds up some sort of basic personality, interested only in self-preservation, and survival. I'm going to relate the Vampiric Runeblade with Venom from Spiderman. If you think about it, they are very alike. I think the Runeblade gets its own kicks from killing and wants someone, the Death Knight, to kill with the weapon.

So, Walluce, you comparing the Runeblade with Baggins' Ring isn't far off, it sounds accurate. I think Vampiric Runeblades bring it up a notch though, and just don't want their master, they want to absorb more life force. The way to do that is to kill things. As for how corrupting they are, I think a whole lot. I figure the more kills (The more powerful) the V.Runeblade is, the more influential it is on its owner.

Adding: Kaghuros says the Rune-blades employed by the Ebon Blade are not vampiric, so that should make it easier for you to work out.
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Hmmm... Interesting...

So would Sin'Serrar (Tharia's blade) have any sort of intelligence or any sort of resemblance to Tolkien's Ring what so ever? (I'm fairly proud of my comparison to Tolkien, thank you very much!) Or would it just be a nice sword that makes it easier to cast DK spells?
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"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings" - Lewis Carrol
I don't think any runeblades actually had consciousness of their own. Even frostmourne was just Nerzhul's method of talking to and controlling Arthas.

Edit: Actually, it's probably not entirely impossible for Tharia to have given the blade consciousness (Intentionally or unintentionally) when creating the runes. In fact it probably could happen more likely unintentionally. It would make some interesting RP on Brutus part. :)
From here...

Quote:Greetings, death knight. By now, Instructor Razuvious has likely begun teaching you the first lessons of what it means to be a death knight. Allow me to begin your instruction on what is perhaps the most guarded treasure in a death knight's possession; the runeblade.

Without your hand to guide it, your runeblade is but a hollow shell. Separate, you are both broken entities; weak and powerless. Should you ever find yourself without possession of a runeblade, know then that your only task should be the acquisition of another with all due haste.

As a death knight, it is through your runeblade that your will shall be imposed on all who dare resist the Lich King. For just as you, young death knight are the extension through which the Lich King imposes his will, so is your runeblade the instrument that has been granted the honor in delivering this authority. Of this authority, understand these principles:

1.) United, your runeblade becomes an extension of your very body. And your body belongs to the Lich King.

2.) As one, your runeblade becomes your will manifest in physical form. And your will is that of the Lich King.

3.) Together, your runeblade becomes the vein through which death itself is delivered to your soul. And your soul shall deliver the will of the Lich King.


It is likely that some of you may soon find your runeblade to be a particularly potent object through which to channel your own fury. However, this is not enough. Do not be content to believe that your runeblade is simply a mere tool to focus one's meditation. No, it is far more than that.

The most powerful of our kind have been able to command the power of their blade with but a simple extension of their will. Together they fight, of singular mind, body, and purpose to crush any foolish enough to stand in their way.


— from the book, “This is my Runeblade: There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine” By Lady Blaumeux

Bam a huge quote from an in-game book... Yes it was necessary to post it ALL.

In short, it would seem possible for a Runeblade to gain a personality over time.

Edit : I cut out some useless paragraphs
[Image: walrus_family_affair-2.gif]
"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings" - Lewis Carrol
That quote describes rune blades from death knights that were under lich king control. Those rune blades were just instruments of the lich king to control his servants. The new rune blades used by the freed Acherus death knights are probably created similarly, but are not imbued with the Lich King's consciousness to force his will upon the death knights. The new ones are just made as tools of a particular Acherus death knight.
Reading over the quote again I'm not sure what you are saying is accurate, Shivali, not to say that I think you are absolutely wrong, but from what I gathered the chain of influence goes.

Lich King to DK to runeblade.

With Lich King removed from the picture, wouldn't the DK's individual imprint over the blade grow even more?

Also, I don't think a DK would abandon their old runeblade even after they got out of scourge control. Just seems a bit unlikely given the essential status it is labeled with.
[Image: walrus_family_affair-2.gif]
"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings" - Lewis Carrol

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