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Rut Hammer [Human]
Player: hawardx

Character Fullname: Rutgerus May Hammer.

Character Ingame Name: Rutgerus Hammer

Nickname: Rut, Shorty.

Associations: None.

Race: Human.

Class: Warrior.

Skills and Abilities: Knows basic sword and shield fighting. Wears mail and some plate armors.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: Golden blonde. Long and straight, usually has a ponytail.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 60 Kilos

Height: 5'0" Feet

Usual Garments/Armor: She usually wears a scale mail shirt, plate gauntlets, mail & plate "shorts" and leg-guards, mail boots and a heavy plate bucket helm (Carter's helm).

When not in battle she wears a simple dress on top of all that.

She has also a more casual outfit consistent of a red loose "corsair style" shirt and shorts.

On her free days, she wears casual pants, a yellow or white shirt, and sometimes a Brown jacket. Finally, when she goes to sleep, she uses a red "Sleepingsuit".

Other: Rut travels Azeroth with a big brown travellers backpack. Rut's dream is to join a band of adventurers, or a clan, or a merc army.
Being raised as the daughter of a wandering saleswoman, Rut has really no national identity.

Her second dream is to buy a house in Westfall or Alterac. Her pets often have bad luck.

Alignment: Neutral good (So far).

Personality: Rut is naïve, kind, easily impressed, friendly and most times merry. She has always liked fighting, friendly that is, she likes to eat apples, loves to travel around Azeroth, and is always ready to help her friends. Drunk people make her really mad, as do mean, evil people. She gets scared by snakes and nagas.


It was one rainy night at Lordaeron, walking in the middle of the street theres a robed figure carring some bags. He reaches a house and knocks on a door, A young maid answers- "Yes?". The man, with his face covered by a green hood replied: "Hold this, I'll be right back". Then he dropped a big black linen bag on the floor, and handed a little, pink silk made one to the young woman, along with a pouch filled with coins.

Before the woman could ask anything, the man walked away very fast. To the surprise of the woman, the silk clothes she was carrying, contained a baby, a baby girl. She took the little baby inside and put her on a table diswrapping the wet silk clothes. "Rutgerus May Hammer" Inscribed in golden letters on a corner of the silk it was.

The woman, called Sophia Deerskinner, had no other choice in mind, she adopted the baby as one of her own. And for 18 years of travelling to the Wetlands to Dun Morogh, to Dun Morogh to Redridge to Stranglethorn and back again, little Rut believed she was the daughter of Sophia, Until the now not so young woman had to tell her the cold thruth of her beginnings. Rut wasnt really surprised, somehow deep inside her she knew she wasnt made for the life of a travelling salesman, sure travelling was fun, but Rut desired something more: Adventures and glory. That day Sophia gifted Rut the big black linen bag she kept hidden all these years. Inside: Pieces of armor, with shoulder, head and wrist pieces missing. And an old sword and shield, this last one with the letters: "H-A-M-M-E-R" carved into the wood, It was Rut's true last name, the name she would carry from now on.

Then she decided it, she had been born for the adventure! She packed her stuff and put on her armor. Said goodbye to Mommy and set path down to Stormwind. Daydreaming all the way down from Hillsbrad of the life of many adventures she would have now, maybe with a band of adventurers, a clan of warriors, or a group of mercenaries! And then later on when she would turn old and wrinkly, she imagined herself in a house on the mountains of Alterac, filled with the Trophies of the many creatures she killed.

This is but the beginning of the history of Rut, who will (Hopefully) Have many adventures, and make many friends.
It's a strange thing to note, but there are far too many capital letters in this profile. All things in moderation, my friend!

Quote:She usually wears a Scale Mail Shirt, Plate Gauntlets, Mail & Plate "Shorts" and Leg-Guards, Mail Boots and a Heavy Plate Bucket Helm (Carter's Helm).

All words such as these do not need to be capitalised. There are a lot of such instances throughout the whole profile - could you fix all the ones you could spot for me?

Quote:And for 18 years of travelling to the Wetlands to Dun Morogh, to Dun Morogh to Redridge to Stranglethorn and back again,

^These ones are fine. This sentence is good - just for comparison's sake.

A good rule of thumb is that only proper nouns need to be capitalised. This site explains it simply.
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  • hawardx
I'd possibly ask that sentences were formed in the personality, other than likes and dislikes.

Also, for future reference: Please post in a character thread if you have made changes so others can check! Thank you! :D
Player/Character active?
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Yeah Im active. and Rut's my Main.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]

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