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Ryuu: Episode 2 Chapter 1
Ryuu the Dragon Spirit: Episode 2, Chapter 1. New Mentors

The sun was beating down on the small fire village, and things went as usual among the people, even after the Western Kingdoms had declared war. The village lay next to the face of a mountain, which held the Temple of the Dragon at the top. War did not seem to phase these people, but at the base of the mountain was another story.

Ryuu stood amongst training targets and bamboo rods. To his left stood the tall cliff that oversaw the entire village. "I chose you as my student, and I will break you," Lee said, snapping Ryuu out of his current daydream, "Welcome to my jungle." Lee had built this obstacle course, if it is safe to call it that, over night. The small grass field was filled with training tools and various objects to obscure vision.

"So what exactly is this?" Ryuu replied as he the back of his head. Little did he know, this was no mere obstacle course, but it would also serve as a battleground.

Lee jumped up onto a bamboo rod and balanced on one foot with the other leg raised and bent at the knee. "I will give you the final exam," Lee said with a slight smirk.

"Really?! I can pass it right now then!" Ryuu said with overconfidence.

"Don't be foolish, I have not had one student of mine complete this. Your objective is to take the feathers tied to both of my arms and keep them for five minutes." Lee responded as if it was the real deal. It was true, he has never had a passing student in all his years.

Shira was leaning against a tree off in the distance with her arms crossed, "Really Lee, doesn't that seem a little harsh?" She looked at the monk on the bamboo rod.

"He must know what he needs to achieve. I see determination in him." Lee replied as he turned his head back towards Ryuu, "Let's begin."

------------To be continued, please reply or PM me if you want more!

I won't continue on this thread unless people show interest in it.
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]

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