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SI:7 History (From WoW Wiki)
This is just what I dug up while I was bored, in jail. Article is below, here's the link. http://www.wowpedia.org/SI:7
If anyone else has any SI:7 specific lore, please post it!

SI:7, or Stormwind/Secret Intelligence, is a rogue organization specializing in special operations, assassination and stealth tactics. It was established two generations ago before the formation of the Alliance, as a covert organization for the Stormwind monarchy.
The organization includes more then two thousand members, divided into five divisions referred to as the “thumb” and the four “fingers.” The SI:7 leaders make up the thumb, dealing with the management and leadership. The first finger members are the elite cadre of the organization and work in assassination duty against Stormwind's military and economic rivals. The second finger deals with the acquisition of requested materials and items, the third with espionage, and the fourth with odd jobs and recruitment.
The guild is currently led by Master Mathias Shaw, grandson of Pathonia Shaw, the founder of the organization and a former master thief. SI:7 is located in the Old Town region of Stormwind. They have operatives all throughout the Eastern Kingdoms who carry out secret missions for Stormwind, such as Renzik "The Shiv", and Flint Shadowmore.
It is unknown if SI:1-SI:6 even existed, let alone what happened to them. SI:7 appears to be a clever reference to MI5 and MI6, the remaining sections of the British Military Intelligence. SI:7's operations are similar to those of MI6 in that they deal with cloak-and-dagger external affairs. James Bond 007 is the agency's most well-known fictional agent.
You can't wax that.

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