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Sable Dragon Event Roster
Come for a drink, a bit of fun...And some adventure.

[Image: 15yjk9w.png]

The Sable Dragon Inn, named in memory of Azeroth's cataclysm and the bringer of its ruin, is a bar and inn located in Dalaran's city center. The tavern uses the Legerdemain Lounge's location and a player staff. The tavern provides drink, conversation, a pleasant atmosphere...And events to whittle away the leisure hours of heroes and travelers.

The tavern was established to help create a place for open role-play that is accessible to both Alliance and Horde players. Like other role-playing hot-spots in the past, like Booty Bay and Shattrath, it will be a location that allows for casual role-play to launch into something more driven. What begins as drinks with friends can end with a fist-fight in the Arena, or a blind date over dinner can build into a dungeon delve with a crossbow to your head.

To help with the creation of this open role-play, the Sable Dragon Inn will be hosting weekly events to cater to those who aren't currently participating in storylines or long-term role-plays. These events are designed to augment the casual role-play that the tavern will host.

The current weekly events are...

Arena Rumble
Classification: Combat Event
Date: Mondays/Tuesdays
Description: Held in the Dalaran Arena, the Arena Rumble is a twist of the classic combat events; though each fight will put players in combat with other players, each fight will include a twist to keep things enjoyable for participants and the audience.
Types: Footbomb Match, Pet Fight, Monster Fight, Combat Dodgeball, Goo Wrestling

Black Market Auction
Classification: Social Event
Date: Wednesday/Thursday
Description: Another twist on a classic event, the Black Market Auction will be a place where players can buy objects of interest weekly. Slaves, weapons, spells...Or even some cursed objects. While the auction may not take up much time, the items (Or people) sold will help create role-play after the event.
Types: Date Auction, Slave Auction, Cursed Items Auction, Unique Weapons Auction

Felfire Debate
Classification: Social Event
Date: Friday/Saturday
Description: The old Felfire Club debates have been re-appropriated. The purpose of the event will remain the same, however: Provide intellectually stimulating RP for all types of characters on the server, as well as give depths to characters that would otherwise not get the chance.
Types: Gender Swaps, Normal Debates, Open Forum Discussions

The events are subject to change. More information will be posted here before each major event.

Other events, like poetry nights, concerts, dancing nights or theme parties will also take place, and we welcome any and all staff and customer suggestions (IC and OOC) for events.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
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When I ran the Glass Shovel, I also macrod a bulletin board with on the rise guild openings, wanted posters, job offers, etc. I found it interesting to have the entire establishment macrod for exploration and could pop one off any time at the push of a button. Everything from a player's entrance to the exploration of a locked door in the corner was automated and thus eased the workload on the bartender at any given time. Something to look into. When a PC run bar gets busy, it really gets busy.

P.S. What is the past tense for macro?
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Wednesday, May 29th at 1 p.m. ST we'll be holding the Grand Opening of the Sable Dragon Inn. The grand opening will be located in the tavern itself.

We'll be posting more information on the event as we draw closer and rally support.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
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Thank god, I'm sick! Finally an event that I can attend.
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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How is the slave auction/slave rp going to work in Dalaran? I just worry it could be a bit difficult there.
Such might be held in the Underbelly, I imagine.
[Image: Boys.jpg]
I'm finding Kirin Tor mages (which I assume are guards?) in the sewers too, as well as silver covenant and a high warlord.
The slave auction will be held in Ratchet, not the Underbelly
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
Okay, thank you!
We're currently on-schedule to hold the Grand Opening event today.

The event will be held at 1 pm ST outside of the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran.

The initial event will be light, with only a small speech and an opportunity for drinking. Afterwards, however, there will be smaller events, such as an arena fight and an auction, to pique people's interest as well as divide the role-play away from the central location.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
The Grand Opening was, while not specifically grand, a great demonstration of what the Dragon Inn can provide for role-play.

We'll be expanding the tavern's involvement in Dalaran in the coming weeks. While we are a location intended to provide role-play, we will also be working to create a storyline that reaches farther than just a few drinks.

Stay tuned!
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