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Sacrilege of Fatal Arms, a guide to armor and weapons.
I was going to contest the point about robe combat effectiveness, since WoW's mages wear them exclusively in combat... then I remembered Priests and Mages are the slowest units in the RTS - in order to bend the laws of physics to their will, they DO give up almost all actual combat capability.
:D These are the things that I couldn't live without.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
Nice necro bro.
You can't 'necro' a guide. They're here to be discussed and appreciated though the life of the server.
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Thanks Reigen! Krull even saying this was a necro makes me sad. I feel a lot of these guides are under utilized and really should be mandatory reading for anyone trying to improve themselves. Even while I wasn't actively being a member of this site I would constantly come around just to read through the guides and/or use them as examples to help others.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
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