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Salvatore Nostalgia
This week I have been driving my parents back and forth from the VA hospital and for something to do during their appointments I decided to re-read my Legend of Drizzt novels. I came across something mighty interesting indeed.

Quote:Matron Malice, however, seemed pleased by Dinin's swagger.

Eat it, Beiber. RA Salvatore got game first. ^^

Also, I forgot how hard I laughed at this the first time and I got to share it with my mom.

Quote: As his eyes adjusted what came into view both startled and confused the young DeVir. He saw no doorway, nor any opening with another chamber behind it. What he looked upon was a reflection of himself, and a portion of the room he now stood in. Alton had never, in his fifty-five years of life, witnessed such a spectacle, but had heard the masters of Sorcere speak of the devices. It was a mirror.

A movement in the upper doorway of the chamber reminded Alton that the Faceless One was almost upon him. He couldn't hesitate to ponder his options. He put his head down and charged the mirror.

Perhaps it was a teleportion door to another section of the city, perhaps a simple door to a room beyond. Or perhaps, Alton dared to imagine in those few desperate seconds, this was some inter-planar gate the would bring him into a strange and unknown plane of existence!

He felt the tingling excitement of adventure pulling him on as he neared the wondrous thing-- then he felt only the impact, the shattering glass, and the unyielding stone wall behind it.

Perhaps it was just a mirror.

If you haven't you read any of Salvatore's novels and you find time to pick up a book I suggest them.
I absolutely love this book series. I have...almost all of them I believe. I might be missing a few. I think I need to go start re-reading them all now. Yeah. That seems like a good idea.
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R.A. Salvatore is my hero.

... I say this about everyone. But he really is my hero.
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