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Sandor Deramore [Undead Warrior]
Player: Schorse

Character Full Name: Sandor Deramore

Character In-Game Name: Sandor

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Undercity, Eastern Seas Shipping Company.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warrior

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Age: 44 pre-death, 53 Forsaken

Sex: Male

Hair: Grayish black, frayed and flaky.

Eyes: Faded Hazel pigmentation.

Weight: 90kgs

Height: 6'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Sandor is dressed in military garb and armaments.Typical decay of the undead is present through Sandor's features, yet what is left of his hair is kept groomed and his garments are of good quality. It is noticeable that his left arm appears partly detached, but all other limbs and accessories seem intact.

Sandor is a logical and calculating military man. He will communicate regularly with strangers, but frequently sees things in terms of battle-strategies. Those he befriends are strategic allies, and any enemy he makes he makes with cautioned fore-thought.

It is this way of thinking which leads Sandor to rarely make insults or praise. He will attempt to make common ground with others, unless there is no common ground to be made. He knows his own faults and strives to keep them hidden, seeking to appear as the disciplined soldier he thinks he is.

History: Sandor was born an only child in the lands of Lordaeron when times were peaceful. His father was a man in the king's army, which caused Sandor to spend many days without him. This separation from his father fueled a yearning to join the military, and serve amongst his kin. His mother was against this dream, and would often push him to peruse other endeavors. She would bring him various books to study, and while he would read them for her sake much of his childhood was spent practicing the art of combat.

When he was 18, he enlisted into the king's army and began the rigorous training it required. His preformance in drills and sparring was above all the recruits. His dedication as a child payed off, and the instructors took notice. They began assigning him more difficult tasks, suited for experienced soldiers. Along with the challenging physical duties, he was required to study strategy. His days were spent sparring and roughing it in training exercise, while his nights were spent analyzing various war theory books and mock-battles. Sparring turned into scouting, and studying strategy turned into small party commands. In his mid-twenties, Sandor's father became ill. It was around this time that word from the south came of strange savage beasts raiding and pillaging the nation of Azeroth. While many rushed south to lend their brethren aid, Sandor remained with his dying father.

After his father's passing, Sandor dedicated his life to the military. He rose in rank and prestige at the same time that Azeroth was falling to the Orcs. When Lothar landed on the shores of Lordaeron, and King Terenas established the Alliance of Lordaeron, vast military reformation took place. Sandor was one of many new commanders responsible for Lordaeron's specific forces and the preparations for an upcoming conflict. When the Orcish horde arrived in Lordaeron, the Alliance of Lordaeron was as ready as it could have been. Much of Sandor's role in this war was the maneuvering and distribution of forces and supplies. When the Orcs breached Lordaeron's capital walls after Perenolde's betrayal, Sandor finally experienced combat. The Orcs were more savage and fearsome then he ever expected, and was sure his home would fall. This, of course, did not happen as the Lordaeron Alliance was able to push back the Orcs and eventually overtake them. The close call with death that the battle of Lordaeron had given Sandor caused him to take leave from the military and care for his still-living-mother.

It was there, 15 years after the second war, that Sandor was touched by the plague. The village where he grew up had grown since he was a child, but it was still modest in comparison to the thriving towns of Lordaeron at the time. What little memories he has of that time are filled with panic and sadness. Neighbors and friends dying, only to reanimate without their humanity. Sandor cannot recall when the affliction touched him, but he remembers the awakening. He remembers waiting in line to notify an official of his work experience. His military experience forced him straight into that new "Undercity's" army. However, Sandor experienced complications in death. His sword arm - his left arm - was damaged. To be precise, it was not fully attached. For seven years he trained with his new brothers, participating in drills as he had done when he was a young adult. This time, though, he was swinging (clumsily) with his right arm. He was at the bottom of the ranks, and after all the practice, still deemed unworthy for extensive combat. He was assigned to Orgrimmar, where he would use his commanding demeanor and knowledge of military strategy to woo the Forsaken's Orcish allies. It was a position Sandor found both insulting and shameful. The mediocrity and lameness of being an 'Undead-spokesman' weighed on Sandor's ego throughout his stay in Orgrimmar, until he was approached by a visiting Blood Elf. After conversing with Sandor, in which the Elf learned of his military background, he was offered a job as a guard in the Eastern Seas Shipping Company. It is there where Sandor now seeks new meaning in his death, and hopes to put his knowledge to -some- use.

"My country is the world, my religion is to do good" - Thomas Paine

"Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died." - Jorah Mormont

----- Characters -----

Dulcius Seregon - Mage/addict with a tendency to bore others.
Daedre Seregon - Low-born noble with a cocksure behavior.
Edric Luven - Cautious lowlife Human who will do anything for quick coin.
Sandor Deramore - A former Alliance military commander turned lost Undead soldier.
Ranzbert Spoznotch - Tad-insane Gnome Warlock with a passion for potion making and research.
Elizabeth Drakos - Stern and assertive zealot.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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