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Sasslyn [Gnome Assassin]
Player: Jonoth

Character Full Name: Sasslyn Bronzeton

Character In-Game Name: Sasslyn

Nickname(s): Tiny, The Gnomish Knifer, Sass

Association(s): The Heretic Circus, Ravenholdt, SI:7

Race: Gnome

Class: Assassin (Rogue)

Skills and Abilities: Sasslyn's diminutive size and years of training have made her very capable at sneaking around largely unnoticed, nimble enough to climb and traverse surfaces with speed and ease. She also is versed in the creation of poisons, often adding doses to her daggers for greater killing power. She has minor engineering capability for a Gnome, mostly creating gadgets to ease lock-picking, or charges to blow open doors, especially safes.

Age: 55

Sex: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 40lbs

Height: 3'2"

Usual Garments/Armor: She wears simple leather and cloth clothing to make blending into a crowd easier. She will also wear a hood on jobs to protect her identity.

Other: Multiple piercings on her ears.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: She is happy-go-lucky and friendly publicly, but silent and planning when she's alone or goes about her business. She is quick to pull her blades to solve problems, but generally tries to remain insignificant and out of sight. She also has a thing for the ears of Elves stemming from her thieving origins, as they belied some of the more affluent and well-dressed citizens of the Eastern Kingdoms, especially those visiting Stormwind. This can often get her in trouble for making inappropriate remarks. In her current situation, she's let her brooding show a bit more in public, unhappy with the recent turn of events in her life. She has a greater sense of paranoia about the watchful eyes of SI:7, as well as the fear of those who may still try to contact her for jobs. She's taken more to drinking, and can be found at taverns both spying on the activities of others as well as drowning her sorrows in ale and wine.

History: Sasslyn's parents were both engineers as many Gnomes are, and expected their daughter to be the same. But Sasslyn never took a liking to machines, and would often find places to hide from her mom and pop. She grew steadily better at her little hiding game, and she decided to see just what she could do by remaining "invisible". She started playing pranks on her fellow Gnomes by sneaking around and taking their equipment, watching from a dark corner as they returned and looked hopelessly lost. Sasslyn found that she could have anything she wanted if she concentrated hard on staying in the shadows, and this lust took her away from the walls of Gnomeregan long before the city would be overrun.

She roamed from city to city, and she learned that among some of the more physically larger groups her size made her even more obscure than in her home. She glinted coin and keys from pockets with ease, found her way under merchant tables where she routinely stole food to eat, and hid in store shops until after closing to have her choice of the finest clothes and other items, including her favorite, daggers. She scuttled on rooftops and made meticulous mental notes of locals, remembering every nook and hiding place she could, and where merchants would normally travel and the times they moved. Her Gnomish mind may have given up mechanical calculations, but her precision timing became her greatest asset.

One day, while attempting to steal a new pair of daggers to open purses with, she was caught and imprisoned within the Stormwind Stockades. She used her well-honed stealth to try and sneak out. Just before she could escape, she was nearly caught by one of the guards. In a panic, she swiped the guard's sword and stabbed him with it before he could call for others. She had a lack of remorse for the guard, finishing her escape without looking back. Out in the world again, she found a new line of work more lucrative than her petty thievery...the life of an assassin! With time, practice, and the help of her diminutive size, she excelled in her new field, operating from the darkness like a ghost. But her lust for travel and adventure began to creep up on her.

On a mission in Goldshire, Sasslyn came across a traveling performer, a Night Elf named Sagi. Interested in his illusion act, she stalked him until finally appearing to him after one of his many performances. Wearing a mask, she introduced herself as "Tiny", showing her talent at throwing daggers. The showman offered her a place in his show as his "Gnomish Knifer", and she became one of the opening acts, astonishing audiences with her deadly accuracy. But the circus was a front for Sagi's more sinister machinations, which Sasslyn was aware of and happily assisted with, becoming one of his most trusted mercenaries. She stuck with him until the circus garnered too much attention and dissolved, leaving her with a void in her life.

Bored and needing direction, she one day received a mysterious letter summoning her to an estate in the Alteracs. She traveled north through Hillsbrad, eventually finding her way to a hidden path. After going up the mountain, she came upon Ravenholdt Manor, where she was informed by her handler that she had been scouted and recruited to join them in their efforts. After passing a series of tests, most of which involving looting and murdering Syndicate initiates, she was trained further in the art of assassination. Her body was pushed to its limits of endurance and pain, to better handle when jobs went sour. She learned to make poisons, some to incapacitate and others to kill, and how to apply them to her weapons to avoid harming herself. She was even taught a little engineering, but simple gadgets such as lock picking mechanisms and simple explosive charges. After performing several successful hits, she graduated from the manor with the respect of her peers.

Sasslyn returned to her mercenary lifestyle, luck and skill keeping her out of the reach of the law. Her luck, however, eventually ran out as she made a bold decision to take a job in Stormwind. Thinking she was to murder a simple two-timing crook, it turned out that her mark was the son of a wealthy noble, and just as soon as she could complete the job, she was swarmed by guards. Sasslyn was taken to the Stockades, where it seemed all but certain that she'd have a date with a noose. Instead, salvation came in the unlikely form of the guard she stabbed while making her escape years before. In the aftermath, he had risen in prominence amongst law enforcement for his injury in the line of duty, and along with the reputation he had for "fierce interrogation", he was invited to join the intelligence agency SI:7. Now, rather than seeing Sasslyn be put to death, and the agency needed more eyes and blades in the wake of both Deathwing and the rising conflict with the Horde, he decided he'd rather have the assassin put under his boot, and he gave the Gnomish knifer a choice: work for him as a closely watched agent of SI:7, or spend the rest of her days locked in a room even one with her formidable skill could not escape. Choosing the former, Sasslyn now answers to the crown, fully knowing that while having to answer to a man that wants to see her suffer, her life could be forfeit at any time.
She's rather light. Ah, well. Approved.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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