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Sathos Dréus Alandramor [Pre-Approved]
((Went inactive for a while, decided to come back and checked the wiki to find his profile on a "to be wikified stage." pretty sure I left in the middle of his pre-approved application I had a few months ago. Made a few edits to it here and there, but for the most part it's the same backstory.))

Link to Wiki: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Sathos

Player: Saluku

Character Full Name: Sathos Dréus Alandramor

Character In-Game Name: Sathos

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Sin'Dorei, The Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Priest

Age: 126 years of age

Sex: Male

Hair: Slightly Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Jade Green

Weight: 137 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Usual Garments/Armor: Sathos typically wears a robe of sorts, often they are too large for his frame but he wears them all the same. On rare or special occasions he may slip into a nice pair of black pants and a dress shirt.

Other Features: If one were to see him without his shirt on, they would see several whip lash marks adorning his back from top to bottom. These marks have obviously been treated and are not terrible, although they are still visible. He also has a steel bar running through his tongue with two orbs that have been screwed onto either end. The cause of both of these distinguishing features is unknown to the elf.

Skills and Abilities

Balance: Rather than devoting himself to the Light or the Darkness, Sathos exists in between. Utilizing skills from both disciplines in battle.

Divine Shield: Sathos' Power Word: Shield spells deflect back some of the damage they absorb as Holy Damage.

Staff Training: He is more proficient in melee combat with a staff than a normal priest thanks to training as a youngster.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Sathos is nice enough and will certainly hold on a convorsation with someone however due to his odd nature he often discusses things in a way that others may not understand. One interesting fact about his ways is he tends to see the beauty in somethings that others do not. In addition he seems to have a natural care-free sense to him, simply going with the ebb and flow of the wind. However if one can get past his odd personality there is a totally different book to be read.


The Begining

Sathos was born into a rather large Noble family, having a total of three brothers and two sisters plus himself, this large house-hold streamed down from Sathos' father coming from a wealthy family, while his mother was the last of a dying name. All of his brothers became Blood Knights, one sister turning to the stealthy arts of a rogue and the other became a Magister. Sathos decided to train in the ways of a priest, never having too much aptitude for a heavy sword. He was quickly placed in schooling, struggling at first. Despite these initial struggles he soon got the hang of manipulating the Light. In addition to regular priest abilities, Sathos' father had him learn melee techniques with a staff. Eventually the priest began to find his niche, however he never could truly be classed as solely a priest of the light, darkness, or discipline.

The Growth

After finishing the basic levels of priest-hood, Sathos began to want to explore more of the world and wander to expand his mind, however his father would not have any of this. This would be the start of Sathos' exile. After expressing his wants to leave the priest academy and go off and see the world his father became adamant that he would finish and help his people. Sathos obeyed after some persuasion from his father and siblings. It was at this stage that he truly devoted himself to bettering his abilities, learning new techniques underneath a High Priest as per request of his Father.

There was a day when Sathos awoke to the early morning light, with a sudden urge to leave his home, finally venturing truly outside his homeland. This was also the day the Sunwell was destroyed.

As Prince Arthas made his advance on the city, Sathos’ eldest brother who was quite the magister transported the family to Sunstrider Island where many made their last stand. Sathos took his ill mother and attempted to move as far away from the crowds as possible. After the battle was finished and his race diminished to a fraction of it’s previous number with his whole family a part of this remaining population. Some time after this reunion and the destruction of Silvermoon City Sathos’ mother was taken by an unamed illness. Sathos then made his escape, mid-way through the funeral. While his father was speaking good of his wife Sathos was slowly edging away from his family.

Finally, he was free. He had excused himself from the funeral and now he was walking in a direction he only knew led elsewhere. It was unknown how long his first free experience lasted as soon his brother came to find him. Sathos explained himself to his older brother, being honest about his intentions to learn more from the other corners of the world. His brother disagreed and grabbed Sathos by the arm, prepared to drag him back to his previous existence. After a brief mental debate, the priest dominated his brother's mind, instructing him to turn around and return to the funeral processions. Within another instant Sathos was bolting away into Eversong Woods.

The Departure

He spent some time in the Woods, living along the shorelines to the east. He never heard from his family, nor did he attempt to reestablish the connection. The Woods would only satisfy the elf fo so long as a few months later he retreated south, the ghostly lands provided somewhat of a home for a time, but he soon found himself in the Undercity. These catacombs would become his home for years to come. During this time Sathos was battling the magic withdrawal that all of his race was. To deal with this magical draw-back Sathos would lure anyone who seemed to have some sort of connection to the arcane magics to a place in the Undercity. One day however Sathos chose the wrong woman to attack, she was clad in red and black robes and held a staff that practically oozed mana. She went along willingly with Sathos, acting as if she had no real idea of his true intentions. To his surprise she had been plotting from the moment she saw him. Once Sathos got to his place of draining he looked at the woman only to see death in her fierce emerald eyes. The woman cackled and began muttering words in demonic, these words would send agonizing pain into every fiber of the man. Sathos writhed in pain on the ground and screamed for help but soon he could not speak in his own tounge, instead he was shouting demonic. She stopped her curses for a moment, walked over to him and looked down in shame. “Pitiful…“ Was the last word Sathos would hear for days, he laid limp in a dark corner of the Undercity and was later found by a group of forsaken women who would bring him to the high priest. The priest stated that Sathos himself had been drained of both his stamina and mana, leaving him a body which was trying to recover by grabbing at energy in the air. Due to the conditions of the Undercity Sathos’ body was not able to regain enough mana from the rotting environment.

The Wandering

After his encounter with such a powerful warlock, Sathos decided that the Undercity was not a particularly good location to remain in for any extended period of time. After living between Booty Bay and Ratchet for several months, Sathos seemed to vanish all together from the world.

Recently the elf has resurfaced into Azeroth, his reason for vanishing only known perhaps by himself and he doesn't seem too eager to share that with anyone. Upon his return he noticed that most of the familiar faces he once clung to had vanished also, but they had yet to return. Sathos now wanders the world, searching for a life lost.
Two things I notice right away.

1) The spacing. Can you space out the profile a bit? It's a little hard on the eyes as the compact chunk of text it is right now.

2) We have a new addition to the profile template now, which is "Skills and Abilities:". It's supposed to go in between Age and Class, so please add that as well. As for what you put there... I'd suggest looking at recently approved profiles to get an idea, but it's basically a quick or elaborate (whichever you prefer) description of what your character is capable of. Especially important to put there is if your character has any unusual abilities, or any specific abilities to branch off the ones you get from your class.
Updated to include abilities!


P.s. herro loxyloxlox.
Please space out the top section, too! Take a look at the other profiles for an example.
There are quite a few running sentences that could use a comma. The paragraph(s) listed under "the growth" could do with a bit of spacing for ease of reading. I'd like a second look at the skills/abilities because I've been told various things with regards to levitation.

Updated Skills and Abilities and made some changes to the paragraphs

Normally we try to stay away from amnesia and things like that in profiles, but I'll have someone else take a peek at it for me. Blood Elf lore is not my best. ;)
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]

Reworked the "memory lapse" bit, I think it should work a bit better now. :]
Quote:As Prince Arthas made his advance on the city, Sathos’ eldest brother who was quite the magister transported the family to Sunstrider Island where many made their last stand.

Quote:Soon after this reunion and the construction of Silvermoon City Sathos’ mother was taken by her unnamed illness.


Everything else checks out.
A couple of things I noticed. First off, the Forsaken were not free that soon after the Sunwell, so the Undercity was not likely there at the time of his leaving Silvermoon.

Quote:What exactly came over Sathos he can only describe as pure desire. Desire to leave, desire to change his brother's mindset. Suddenly his brother released him and walked away without a word. Rather than question the random act of magic Sathos took off running

As said in a few profiles before, magic does not happen randomly. It is a concentrated effort. It could easily be changed that he had known of this ability, but never really focused on it. The attempt may have come as a surprise to him then because he might not have expected it to work.
Theoretically, if you're a sorcerer (And thus using your body as a conduit), your emotions can act upon yourself and cause you to cast magic without entirely realizing. It's not that you know it's possible, but if you do have an innate aptitude for magic and you have little to no discipline, then your emotions can trigger like effects. Subconsciously, you know what you're doing, but your emotion is so far gone that you could be arguing and suddenly hurl a fireball at someone without much thought at all, simply because you're enraged.
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
Updated! Changed around Skills and Abilities and made some changes to the time between Silvermoon and the Undercity as well as the dominating of his brother's mind.
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