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[Scarshield] Guildleaderitis
@MstrCorvus @Morhana @maarten777 @DrakeTheHyooman

I think that's most of them.
Anyways, guys, I've got something to say. Because of our skype chats, I doubt this will come as anything related to a surprise, but I've got to say it anyways.

For the time being, life is going super-ultra-turbo speed. I'm more swamped with schoolwork then I've ever been, and I've just applied for a job in my other hand. Because of one of my school classes being so physically demanding, I'm ending up being tired most of the time, and whatever time isn't working is resting or trying to relax.

It seems I've got a case of guildleaderitis! That is...the disease that cripples all players who decide to become guild leaders. This disease, which works either slowly or quickly, turns the player's RP into near inactivity because it's all pushed into the guild. Mine has affected me rather quickly, and I haven't gotten decent RP in.. a week's time?

Anyways. Lots of stuff going on around CotH, and I'd hate to waste your times. Due to me being overwhelmed by work, and thus currently being unable to run a guild, I'm deciding to disband the Scarshield OOCly until a later date that I have the availability to manage a guild. At first, I direly wanted to do this, and I had thousands of ideas for events, but it's just sadly not working out the way for me that I had intended it to.

So...yeah. I'll keep the skype group if you guys wish to stay in it, and I'll be on there if there are anything like questions or concerns.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Hey, @Valicor. I'll admit I haven't been able to commit myself either because of a lot of things. (it's Loruk btw) because of a recent schedule change at my work. I can get on occasionally but I can't stay up super-late like I used to.

Usually if I did nobody would be on.

Anyways, add gandalftherainbow6 to that skype chat if you don't mind. I'll try to come around and get Loruk situated and try to help. :) I really liked the idea of an Ashenvale War-group/Warband trying to push back the night elves and harvest lumber.

Me being me, I was only able to go to two events before life decided to punch my teeth down my throat. :(
[Image: jon_pall_sigmarsson_b35428d97635b2e7c405...2df3c3.gif]

[Image: SQ0XvlU.gif]
It's alright on my end, Valicor. I myself have been unable to commit myself to anything at this moment due to internship and all.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!

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