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Seems like you need a hand [RC]
..Really? This is how my life ends? at a cave? dead by an undead? eaten by trolls? this isn't what I would ask for.. so much to do.. so much to complete.. Tharnul still owes me that drink..

I guess that's what my father meant when he taught me to grow wheat."We are the workers of the land, son. We work it.. and we die on it. We need to take care of the land we die on. Ash to Ash.. Dust to dust."

Those words echoed in his head as the trolls took a bite off his liver."Ash.. to as--..."


Thats what the magister saw. He was more than dust, he was fertilizer now. Troll fertilizer. The life he lived was short for an elf.. long for a human.. nothing for a Draenei...


That is what he faced, as his body slowly got swen together from the pinky, connecting arteries to flesh, to hair. From bone to facial expression. From sockets to eyes. Tyestus could be reborn to a point.

Except that pinky.

Boom. That's not an explotion.. it's a beat. Boom boom. The blood going to his brain, his limbs, his lungs. It felt like shockwaves, like he is being bombarded.. But he suddenly remembers.. He is alive.

Killer: Bedlam.

Death: June 25th; Bedlam crushed his body and shatterd his bones, after that trolls ate his body.

Resurrector: Melody, Leland, Luthur, Arda, Boven, Terazul.

Resurrection:Tyestus was being ressurected from a single finger at the city of hearthglen at the third of augest.

Temporary Results:Cannot walk for three months. Cannot breath properly for a month. No sudden movements or he will struggle in serious pain. Every touch is like a punch three weeks. Amneisa that slowly recovers, blind (Two months) that will slowly decay.

Permanent Results: Weaker to magical effects, mute, weak heart (He will need to take a good breather after a scare), limping, amneisa (will forget random moments and chunks from his life that will add up to 200 years), migranes, random pain spikes around the body.
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Luther burned himself with the Light to bring your Elf back. BE THANKFUL!!!!!!!!
Anywho, it was fun RP.
"Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You, who are powerless, are not worthy to set foot here." - Cerberus
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