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Seledran [Sin'dorei Rouge]
Okay, so I need some help with creating this profile. I'll post what I have so far and I'll edit it as I go along.

Player: Gunnash

Character Full Name: Seledran Sunflare

Character In-Game Name: Seledran

Nickname(s): None as of yet

Association(s): The Burning Legion

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rouge

Skills and Abilities: No special skills.

Age: 987

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, brown

Eyes: Green

Scale/Height: 1,84m 1.0

Weight: 60kg

Usual Garments/Armor: Black leather armour, a hood and cowl.

Other: None

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: He is a very strange character. He is quite sociable, although he has strong ties to the Legion. He doesen't mind going out for a drink, but in secrecy he is an agent of Fel.

History: Seledran was born in Silvermoon, his father was a noble, his mother... well, let's just say his father wasn't a very faithful man, so, naturally, when he was born, he was hidden away. He spent most of his childhood in hiding.
When he was older, he escaped his hiding place (to call it a house would be insulting to houses everywhere) and started looking for a way to make a living. He started off as a pickpocket. He was caught numerous times, and gave up. He attempted at getting an honest job and took up jewelcrafting, selling his goods to merchants he met and to residents of cities that he travelled to. To this day he can be seen occasionaly digging up some gems and making jewelery.Of course, it was not easy for a former thief to get a job. He once ran a job for a jeweler, he was looking to get rid of some competition, but didn't want to kill them, so he hired Seledran to steal their works. This was one of his few succesful jobs, so, he went to this jeweler and asked him to pay him back with a favor and get him into the jewelcrafting buisiness. He worked with the man for a few years, mostly gathering materials, untill he was finally taught how to make jewelery.
Eventually, though he got bored of this life. It was far too slow for him, and he had to search the lands for materials to make his goods. He caught word that assasinations are well-paid, especially by nobles, so Seledran began his life as an assasin.
The change in profession was even more difficult than his change to a jeweler. He looked up a well-known assasin and asked him to train Seledran. He did not do this eagerly, as he was afraid of competition, but after giving him most of his life's savings made from jewelcrafting, the assasin agreed. It took years, but he mastered the art of stealth, and the art of murder. He gained much notoreity after a while, so he stopped showing himself to people. He would send out couriers to recieve contracts, and hardly ever spoke to a client in public.
After many succesful jobs he got a message from a noble. In the letter there was a considerable amount of gold (for "encouragement", as the letter stated). He gathered his belongings and set off to Silvermoon.
When he arrived he made his way to the location that the noble stated. After waiting for a while the noble showed up. Something about him seemed familiar, but Seledran couldan't make out what it was. He looked at him and the same expression could be seen on his face. They eyed eachother, after which the noble gave Seledran his assignment.
"In a house, outside the town, there lives a woman. You are to kill that woman. If there is a man in there, you will be rewarded extra for getting rid of him" the noble said and handed him a map with the location of the place. When Seledran asked for names, he recieved a rather rushed response that "it is none of his concern". That night, following the directions on the map, he arrived to the location. It hit him then that it was his old home. He thought about the words of the noble. Did he just recieve a contract to kill... himself? Then it struck him. The noble was his father. He couldan't carry out his contract, so he returned to the noble. When he asked how the contract went he replied
"I'm afraid I failed... father"
The noble's eyes widened. Seledran, driven by rage drew a dagger and hurled it towards him. Before he had time to react, a blade was stuck in the noble's throat. He left the body and dagger there to be discovered. Before the guards were able to raise an alarm, Seledran was far outside the city gates.
Then there was a period of emptiness in his life. He was carrying out contracts, making gold, untill one day there was a contract he failed to carry out. He was sent to infiltrate a place controlled by the Burning Legion and gather important information. He was caught and was given a chioce, join the Legion, or die. He accepted and was sworn into the Burning Legion. He now serves as a spy, although just from looking at him one would have no idea he's an agent of Fel. No evil magic can be sensed from him and he seems quite friendly.
He doesen't kill without a purpouse, and is always loyal to his word.

(I'm still thinking of a reasonable ending and I'm still working on the profile. If I did something wrong let me know)
You can find lots of useful information on the wiki: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com
I tend to go there any time I'm working on a character profile to get all my numbers accurate. There are also some handy guidelines for weight and height there, but it looks like you got those pretty spot on. The age guidelines can be found here: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Age_Guidelines

In regards to the age on your profile, 80 would be rather young for an elf. You may want to look somewhere around the area of 1000 for what you're aiming at.

I'm interested in seeing the history you come up with for this character. I've never had a character in the Legion myself, and I may be way off here, but it seems like the following post may be relevant to your character.

I've never really commented on a workshop profile or anything, but I thought I'd take a crack at it. If I'm out of place here, or am doing something wrong, please feel free to put me in the timeout corner.
You also have spacing issues. There should be a blank line between every category in the profile.

Also, expand on that personality! FHs and GMs love expanded personalities. 80 is also not a reasonable age, too. Middle aged would be at least 6 to 8 hundred.
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(01-17-2015, 02:42 PM)WindZealot Wrote: Also, expand on that personality! FHs and GMs love expanded personalities.

We do love an expanded personality. This nub knows what's going on exactly.

I would say that a great tip when writing is have an -idea- as to your character's personality, but don't write it out. Write your history first. When you have a history composed before your personality, you can build a personality from it which makes way more sense and actually reflects the character's life, rather than the opposite, which would be shaping their life to fit a specific character mindset / personality.
If you need help with Blood Elf lore, feel free to ask me. I do love my little elves~
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Story started. Tell me if I did something wrong.
I do think it seems a bit unusual that he failed as a pickpocket after being caught several times, but was able to jump into being an assassin with seemingly little trouble. It may be best to elaborate more in between these two points to give some more reason that he'd be able to handle the change from failed thief, to jewelcrafter, to assassin.

I'd also imagine it'd be difficult for someone in his situation to just get into jewelcrafting, especially considering I'd imagine he'd have a reputation as a thief after being caught prior to that. I don't think people dealing in expensive goods would be likely to hire on or train a known thief. This could potentially be remedied by adding in some detail of a close friend or associate who somehow got him started in the trade. Perhaps a jeweler that had hired him during his time as a thief, to deal with competing jewelers. That's just off the top of my head though, so take it how you will.
I used your idea with him being hired by a jeweler, if you don't mind, since it was the most reasonable thing to come to mind. I hope it makes a little more sense now.
That's entirely fine with me. I gave the suggestion so that you could use it if you wanted. This is your character however, and you don't have to go by what I say by any means. It's entirely your character to make the way you want.
That said, it does seem better in my opinion. It shows that he wasn't a complete failure with the thievery, and along with the bit about him getting trained, makes his success as an assassin seem more likely.

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