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Septif Gilderbane. [Forsaken] [Warrior].
Player: Psycho.

Character Full Name: Septifian Lucerian Gilderbane.

Character In-Game Name: Septif.

Nickname(s): The Mariner, September.

Association(s): The Forsaken, Black Harvest.

Race: Forsaken.

Class: Warrior.

Skills and Abilities:

Burly - Despite his undead status, much of Septif's original muscle mass remained well preserved and thus allowing the Corpse to keep all his natural strength, leaving Septif to be quite physically strong.

Aspirant - Septif practices and claws his way up to rank, acting as a morale boost and a flag-bearer for the Forsaken, acting as an Examplar on the field of battle. (Note: this is not yet achieved, but is to be achieved further in the future.)

Naval stability - His many years upon deck left Septif sure footed and able to fight in much less stable terrains, his footing hard to break.

Age: 29.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Septif's hair was once a typical sun bleached yellow, yet however the color now dribbled to a sickly pale yellow that imitates the once lively hair. His hair is surprisingly long, going down to the beginning of his back in a thick mane of messy hairs.

Eyes: Empty sockets without Ghostlights.

Weight: 113 kilograms.

Height: 1.87 meters.

Usual Garments/Armor: Septif is usually donned in dull brown plate-mail, fitted to his size, and with a well maintained tabard bearing the Forsaken symbol. Usually seen with a large two handed bearded axe.

Other: Septif's jaw was lost in an 'accident', and now replaced with a crude thick metal jaw clasped over his chin and jaw.

Personality: Septif is in his core, a decent man. Jovial and friendly to most, and abstaining from idle and random fighting. However, the core is slowly dissolving to give way under the pressure and state of his undead being. Septif struggles with his loss of humanity, attempting his best to keep himself as compassionate and lively as possible, but that is a losing struggle as he slowly loses purpose and sight of his once desired goals. Often, Septif will find himself at a crux between his once former self and the future laying ahead of him. Hiding his own self dread and insecurity, Septif masks all his little demons and fears beneath a mask of obedience and careless behavior, in hopes to be able to forget of his predicament.

Septif's relations with the Forsaken are that of loyalty, spurring from a source of hopelessness. Seeing and knowing the Forsaken as the only he could call his own, Septif tries his best to associate purely with his own, in search of shelter and refuge from the world's other races. He views the Orcs as long-time enemies, and the rest of the Horde with a fitting suspicion. The Alliance, he views as a bitter enemy, a mockery to what he once was.


Septif was born in a strange timing, at the very years that the Orcs stepped forth through the Dark Portal and into Azeroth. Born to a mild family of no special allocation. Son of a sailor and a Tavern owner, Septif was the youngest child of three brothers: Bertram, and John. The three brothers were only a year apart from one another, and grew up at a similar pace. From a young age, Septif was prone to be more rash and physical than his two meeker, quieter brothers. While the two eldest brothers learned navigation and sea-faring, Septif would often simply help his father haul things as well as his mother. With the difference in lifestyles, came the difference in body, and already at his early teen years, Septif was a burly and strong bodied lad, while his brothers were more intellectual. Septif never bothered or saw point in education, seeing it as a 'nancy-skirt-wearer's profession'. Another habit the young lad had picked up from his father and other sailors from a young age, was the sullying of the mouth, and drinking... And already at an early age, Septif was quite a drinker, alongside a small batch of street urchins he'd come to make a gang with.

Despite these slights and bouts, Septif was a good lad. He helped around the house, and learned to be mannered around women from his father. He experienced the simple things of his teenage years, growing up without much strife... However, when Septif had reached to the age of 16, his two elder brothers departed from their home to begin learning atop actual sea-vessels, and left him alone with his rarely visiting father and his busy mother. At one stormy night, at the midst of winter, Septif returned home from slight work at the dock to hear strange noises coming at his mother's room. Noises that he quite well knew at his age, that only a man and a woman make with a certain intimacy... Enraged at the thought of his mother having an affair behind his father's back, Septif burst into the room to indeed catch his parent with a man he's never quite seen before. Furious and seeing red, Septif beat the older man bloody and broke quite a few bones before he was restrained with the help of a few other tavern goers at the time, holding down the muscular young lad... However from that day, Septif fell unto quite violent ways.

Often returning home late, he took places in brawl fights within other pubs, small fight circles and even as full out street wars, brawling day after day in a subconscious cry for attention and anger. Most brawls ended with the much stronger Septif not as bruised, but however, one day... He had a small run-in with the same man he caught with his mother, and a few of his mildly drunk friends. Outnumbered and out-manned, Septif had taken quite a savage beating from the five men before they left him in the street, bloodied and bruised. Coming back home to his worried mother, she found the boy quite beaten and soon tended to him.

It was after that event which Septif's brawling days were quite over. Life returned to a form of normality, with Septif's father and siblings often coming to visit, and with him helping manage the tavern of his mother. And at the age of 18, he enlisted proudly to the Kul Tiras Navy, much with the approval of his parents and even his brothers, where he could serve his nation. Taking part of the trade ships, Septif served as a simple crewmen atop a simple trading vessel, acting as guard. He had several encounters with pirates, and murlocs as well, hearing only stories of the damnable Orcs and learning of hating the greenskins from his people's habits. Years passed, and the boy grew to be quite a man, working as 2nd Mate on a successful trading vessel, making a decent living and living a decent and fair life. Not much special had occurred in his life that he could consider abnormal or dreadful...

It was not until the third war, that Septif set sail for war. Part of an enlisted crew that joined the journeys of Prince Arthas Menthill to the far Northrend... However, during a dreadful storm on the way there, Septif fell over and found himself just barely rescued by his other crewmen only to perish atop the shores that day from a feverish lung infection that settled in from the cold and dark waters of Northrend's sea... His corpse, having been left behind, the soil unable to be opened for a proper burial, was found a while afterwards by a stray Necromancer, the cold having preserved his form relatively well, enabling Septif to be a proper Ghoul... And from there, the memories turn to a daze. From the first time he sunk his teeth into an innocent, and to the voyage overseas where he was part of the endless shuffling hordes of the Lich King's army...

That's when freedom came. A moment of free will, and Septif found himself beneath a new commander... An Elven Ranger. And once that her foes were beaten, he traveled with his new people, to the empty capital of Lordaeron, where the new nation of the Forsaken was founded, beneath the command of Sylvannas Windrunner. As the war raged on, and victory was achieved against their demonic enemies, Septif soon settled down at the Undercity where the events of the world unfolded and only he remained still and unchanging. The Forsaken joined the Horde, and Septif found himself fighting alongside the same green Brutes he's grown to loath, the only thing binding his loyalty was the commands of the higher ups.

Serving with his people during the events of Northrend, Septif felt little to no satisfaction as the tyrant fell from his frozen throne. As a matter of fact, he felt quite... Dread-filled. Without an enemy, or purpose, where would his people go? What left is there, pondered he...

Septif currently serves in the Black Harvest, looking for an answer to his plight.
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  • Sol, CappnRob


You seem to be missing two sections!
Is there any particular reason why you've listed his name as Septifian, but call him Septif in the history and ingame?
Nope. No reason, come to think of it. Force of habit?
I'm going to request you name him Septifian in-game, then.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
I hardly see why this is such a pressing point. He simply uses a shortened version of his name. However, if you insist, I'll poke for a rename first chance I get, as recreating all the armor plus money on him is going to be a bit of a pain.
Septifian/Septif can stay. We've plenty of characters that have a longer given name than their in-game name.

I see he's not a full-Exemplar at the moment, but he is currently working to gain the necessary skills to be such. I suppose there's a pending rewrite in his future? :)

As for everything else, seems all right to me. I like how you brought in a non-Lordaeron citizen into the Forsaken, it's an interesting take.

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