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Serada. [Dwarf Warrior] [Thane].
As always, the changes can be found in pink.

Player: Psycho.

Character Full Name: Serada Goldencrest.

Character In-Game Name: Serada.

Nickname(s): The Eagle of the Mountains. Lady, Ser' Serada.

Association(s): Ironforge, the Alliance.

Race: Dwarf.

Class: Warrior.

Skills and Abilities: Hold the Line! - Serada has forsaken her previous fighting style in favor of a sturdy rooting of her legs upon the ground, and a strong shield at her side. Serada will fight stationary, using either defensive maneuvers where she stands against a charging or approaching foe, or fight from atop horseback before settling herself on the ground. Once stationary, Serada becomes a fierce opponent, nigh unmovable.

Disciple of the Ancestors [In progress] - With the shattering of Azeroth, Serada began studying the ancient arts of the Mountain Kings, her next challenge to become one of the few Mountain 'Queens'. However, she has just recently begun, and no progress will be achieved until an In-Character teacher has been found.

Mountain of mind - Serada's will is powerful, and nigh unbreakable, making her a difficult target for fear effects and mind affecting magics.

Short ranged - While an opponent to consider in close range, Serada has little to no abilities that regard long ranged assaults, rendering her a weak opponent against a distanced enemy.

Battered and Bruised - Serada's left hand was damaged during the Cataclysm and it was rendered nigh useless in terms of gripping. She can't use her left hand to grip weapons of any sort, nor even throw a punch with it.

Age: 81.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Serada's hair is a plain brown, reaching to shoulder length neatly with two small braids made at its sides, reaching to her ears, holding her hair from obscuring her sight.

Eyes: A clear blue.

Weight: 193 lbs [87 kg].

Height: 5'1" [1.54 m].

Usual Garments/Armor: Serada wears a mix of plate and chainmail armor of high quality, and brandishes her symbol of an eagle spreading its wings atop her shield. Alongside a heavy leather cloak of red, meant to stop arrows or daggers.

Other: Serada wears many symbols of honor on her chestplate.

Personality: Serada at first glance, could be considered young. She is brash, speaks with great excitement and passion, and is often seen and heard being quite the male-chaser... But in a deeper look, Serada offers much more than that. Quite the honorbound woman, Serada will never withdraw from a duel of honor, and will take quite harshly to any insults made at her. She struggles daily with her inner anger, often meditating and trying to relax in order to null the beast, constantly afraid of it erupting once more. Serada is firmly rooted in her beliefs that one must fend for himself, not hope for others to fend for him, often showing these expressions of 'tough love'. Alongside that, Serada has fierce pride, and often finds herself in heated arguments due to her stubbornness.

Despite that, Serada is friendly, even playful, often making her own remarks of wit and a joking perverse. She has a fierce loyalty to her friends, never lying and never backing from her own code of chivalry. She, like most other Dwarves, appreciates a good round of ale greatly, and a good fistfight even better. A vivid soul, and a strategist, Serada is also a smart woman, with wits to match, often finding herself in situations where her quick thought aids her.

As of late events, Serada learned quickly that there was little room for immaturity in her field of work. Taking it up on herself, she began learning proper etiquette in order to continue her struggle for the better of her people in the fields of politics and nobility.

History: In a humble home, dug inside a hillside, Serada was born to a happy mother... But an unhappy father. Her father, having expected a son, was greatly disappointed in the birth of a daughter, and fell to depression and bad drinking habits. Serada grew to a home without love, her mother at constant work and her father uncaring for her, she fended for herself most of her childhood, up to the age of 6 where her three other brothers were born, all in the span of two years. Already from a young age, they looked up to Serada as their protector, their parents always busy. Despite her mother's absence, Serada took no anger to her, knowing she was hard at work, trying to feed for a family of 5. It was her father who angered her the most. The man who gave no love to his family, no care, simply being a burden to them with his bad habits of anger and drunken rage.

During her childhood, Serada befriended a man, Molthin Firebrand, the son of the nearby hunter who often helped Serada's already poor family with an occasional fur or food. The two became close friends, finding solace in eachother's company and smile. And over the years, Serada grew to be a fine woman, trained mildly with using an axe and fighting, while her brothers all still looked for her help. During her years of early adolescence, Serada took work as a Blacksmith's apprentice, aiding the Dwarf for a sum of money which was meant to aid her family. She saved up money on the side, to make herself an axe... Unforgivably, that money was taken by her father in one of his fits of anger, all spent on cheap alcohol. Over the years, Serada grew to dislike her father truly, differing herself as best she could from the man... It was one night, when Serada returned from her hard work where she found her father yelling angrily in his drunken fits at her brothers. Brought to her wits' end, Serada soon fell into shouting against her father, furious at his behavior towards her little brothers. He called her a disgrace, a shame, a filthy basta- He was cut short by the woman smashing a boot into his privates. Having beat down her father violently, Serada ensured her father was quiet for the night... For some reason, her mother, was not present that night. Perhaps she was busy?

The morning after, Serada awoke to find out her mother had not yet returned. Concerned, she went to search in her mother's usual places, only to find her nowhere... Her fear growing deeper and deeper, Serada grew deeply worried for her mother. She neared the settlements, asking left and right... The most useful advice was that if she really was missing, she's more then likely dead. Serada refused to believe it, she tried again and again, but all her pleas for help were denied. A week went by of furious searching, Serada's fear turning into anger with the lack of care shown by everyone. Finally, she turned desperate to her father... Who was found yelling at her brothers, blaming them for their mother's disappearance. Furious and enraged, Serada broke into a loud argument with her father, before a violent brawl ensured, her father beat down, too drunk to even probably fight back... Serada took the money she could, and her father's old armor and axe, and took her brothers to a nearby neighbor, to keep watch of her brothers.

Moving to depart after her mother, Serada was surprised by her childhood friend Therion joining her in her search for her mother... Unable to refuse the man of his help, the two set out... And after a day long search, they found where Serada's mother was. In the snowy hills, in a hidden creak, the woman was gagged and bound in ropes, taken by frost trolls. Her clothes still held, but her feet were bare, and a terrifying sight to behold... The sight churned at Serada's stomach, and forced her into a maddened bloodlust and rage. The woman charged blindly into the 4 Trolls, slashing and hacking at their bodies, her friend never far behind her. The battle was reckless and furious, but the two Dwarves emerged victorious... Or so Serada thought. Tending to the area after the fight, she found Therion in grieve injuries on the snow, bleeding at his life... Riddled with sorrow at the loss of her old friend, Serada did all she could to ease his pain and try to save her old friend... With no success. It was at Therion's dying breath that he made his wish for Serada to see great things, and to honor his loss without sorrow.

Soon tending to her mother, Serada brought the exhausted woman to the doctor near her house, Serada's mother had to lose both her feet due to the frostbite. With her mother crippled for life, her father out of the picture, it was up to Serada to tend to the family of four alone. Moving to the Dwarven city of Ironforge, they resettled there where Serada took a few jobs in order to feed the hungry mouths. She soon found herself without much work to do, and her family at the edge of starvation, she joined the army in service, reluctant at first... At the tender age of 18, Serada left to her service, sending the money back to her family every month, ensuring that they are well fed and taken care of... Her brothers having grown older and more able to work, things back at home were not so bad. It was Serada's heart, which was in disraught. Still haunted by the shame of her rage, Serada hoped silently for death in her service, so that she may bring no more shame to her family... But somewhere, along the way, it changed. The once pouring rain of her regret slowly twisted and turned, becoming a bright blazing desire for more... To honor the loss of her friend, with her actions and deeds.

It was during one of her trips home, where Serada would spend a great deal of time looking at the statues of the Dwarven Avatars with admiration, reading at them all... Each name, each passing deed, all inspired her further. For herself... For her brothers. For the shame she felt for Therion's death, she would make a name for herself. She would become something greater than just a peasant. She began pushing harder and harder, destroying herself at practicing and at service for her people as she slowly clawed her way up through military ranks up to the point, that during the second war in the brutal fighting against the Orcs, she was entrusted with her own men and women, each of their life entrusted to her. The Orcish invaders were pummeling down against the Dwarven city of Ironforge, running rampant in Khaz Modan. Holding out in the siege, Serada led a last stance berserk charge against the Orc, a wild pummeling assault unto the invading forces which in the end, aided to lift the siege and push back the Orcish invaders. It was during this charge, where Serada received her title of the Eagle of the Mountains, as she leaped forward with her forces and slew the fiend leading the Orcish forces with one decapitating blow, holding his head as a boon to her troops and a crushing blow to their enemies. Serada's valor and strategy were not ignored.

It was safe to say, her strategy had worked... And with a sigh of relief, the Dwarven woman slowly began taking strides in her pace, to greatness. With the 2nd war over, Serada took much of the time of peace in order to begin making a name for herself alongside her people, and to ensure her family was safe and enjoying the money she was receiving. Slowly after though... The 3rd war broke out. At start, nothing to be alarmed from, or so Serada thought... It was when the Burning Legion came into play, that she had faced an enemy she never met before. Demons, plucked straight from her most hellish nightmares... And their bloodcrazed minions, running rampant and wild. During the time of this war, Serada had led many successful operations against the Orcs, but it was only later on that an act of true potential would reveal itself. During her patrols of one of the areas, she stumbled upon a small village being raided by the savage blood-lusting Orcs. Seeing at the plight of the helpless civilians, Serada swiftly rushed to their aid, gathering the Orcs' attention to lead them away from the village.

Making her way to the creak of a mountain, no wider than two or three Orcs, she made her stance. The fight lasted long, grueling and bloody, the Orcs were relentless, only to be driven back and killed one by one at each time, thanks to the Dwarf's strategy. In the end, bloody and beaten, but still alive, Serada dragged herself past the bodies, barely carrying her axe as she made her way back to find one of her patrols. Hurried back to camp, Serada was boasted and cheered at for her act, and it was due to it... She was allowed to the title of Thane. After years and years of struggle and hard work, she had finally gained the title of Lady Serada Goldencrest... And thus began her days, of Thanehood. She was given armor of fine craft, and an axe bearing her symbol, a golden hawk spreading its wings majestically as they spread to blades.

At start, the road was difficult. Serada had little knowledge of the formal lifestyle and what it had to upkeep... But perhaps by chance, or perhaps the will of the ancestors, did she stumble upon a man she would never quite come to forget. Langobard Silvermountain. A thane of worthy example. This man met Serada in her struggles, and helped her through. He taught her everything she needed to practice, how to behave and plot, to trust and distrust... And in the end, perhaps, she owes her title to him, for without the help of Langobard, she would have lost her honor, and made a shame of herself. Time went by as Serada began delving into the newer conflicts of Azeroth, maintaining her title and honor in ways of military and the act, of being the hero of the commoners. It was during the assaults to the Outlands, where Serada stood and lead battles herself, her strategies and cunning ideas never falling short of the praise she so received. And soon after that, she turned her gaze to the conflict in Northrend, returning in time to be there during its unraveling, during the push of the Argent Crusade.

During the conflicts in Northrend, Serada had encountered her fiercest foe yet. A man, clad in the darkest of armors, and with the most nightmarish weapon she had ever seen. He dubbed himself a Death Knight of the second generation. And he demanded her head. The battle was brutal and long, wordless and heavy. But in the end, with a final stroke of her axe, Serada managed to unarm the fiend, and trip him down. Before he had a chance to retrieve his weapon, she removed his head from his shoulder with a mighty blow of her axe. The battle though, had taken its toll on Serada, and soon after, she fell out-cold in the snow... It was only by a stroke of luck she was found by the Crusade, and returned for immediate treatment, her wounds severe. And through it all, she held.

At the end of the Northrend campaign, Serada returned to her homeland to a hero's welcoming alongside the rest of the fighting men and women of Ironforge. With the celebration's chance, Serada announced that she would be at absence, as she intended to visit her family. And so, after much drinking and joy of that night, Serada departed the next day to visit her family. It was much to her surprise that her mother found a new man to marry, an explorer by the name of Dranndin. Welcoming him to the family with open arms, Dranndin proved to be an exemplary man with a wide knowledge of Dwarven lore and history. There was joy in the house of her family, but the peace would not last long. Serada received more and more troubling news. The rumors of the world's shattering and the return of Moira Bronzebeard. The family reunion was cut short, as the now returning Thane made way for the capital.

Upon her ride to the capital however, Serada encountered with difficulties unprepared for. A landslide had thrown her and her Mountain Ram down the side of the mountain and broke a pair of her fingers upon her left hand gravely, rendering the hand nigh useless. Bandaging herself up and recovering, Serada trekked to Ironforge by foot. What she found and discovered there, appalled and shocked her. The news of the Dark Irons now residing -within- the fair city, alongside King Magni's disappearance had all tossed the Thane to turmoil. As of choice, she remained within the land of Khaz Modan, refusing to let the Dark Irons take any form of political power, joining the aid of the Bronzebeard legacy to keep the city in the hands of its rightful rulers, not some horrid monstrosity birthed by the false Princess.

She did make the best of the situation- beginning to learn to manage her rage much more efficiently with the aid of the Wildhammer Shamans. At first, dubious of their arts, Serada soon found herself to trust her relatives of the highlands. With their aid, she better managed to control her rage. However, thanks to the injury of her hand, she had to adjust her fighting style to better match it alongside the change of her attitude. Taking the hammer and shield, alongside a halberd for mounted charges, Serada soon adapted her skills.

Silently, Serada waits in the lands of her people, studying and waiting for her chance to prove herself again once more- And retrieve the city of Ironforge to the hands of its rightful king, whom she refuses to believe is gone.

Again, I approve of the color choice. (2/2)

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