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Serus Maeshon [Blood Elf]
Player: Kyndari

Character Full Name: Serus Auruam Maeshon

Character In-Game Name: Serus

Association(s): Shadow's Rest

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Shadowmage (Warlock)

Skills and Abilities:

Taught by Elend
Minor Curse of Narcolepsy: Causes the target to slowly slip into a drowsy, less-aware state, possibly even to 'natural' sleep. Requires a calm setting, and the use of his voice or a musical instrument.

Minor Curse of Gargalesis: Cause the target to laugh at something they might not usually laugh at. Requires only the use of his voice.

Taught by Alorel
Screech: A pinpointed and shrill chirp to anyone who is not the target, this ability is more of a sound burst, heavily laced with Arcane Shadow. It's a sound-based attack meant to disorient the target, disrupt their sense of hearing, and daze them as well as causing quite a bit of pain.

Shadow Bard: Serus, through extensive study with both musical instruments and daemonic magics, can summon and control demons with the use of his voice or his instrument of choice. This effect is very similar to the "Enslave Demon" spell warlocks currently possess.

Age: 237

Sex: Male

Hair: Copper

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 74 Kg

Height: 5' 11"

Usual Garments/Armor: Simple clothing, meant to blend in with crowds. Or, if formal, a dark, silky robe of Shadoweave.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Serus is, put simply, a lover of life. Anything that can be given to him, he enjoys - aside from actual work. Whether the item or idea or activity in question is mundane or mystical, everyday or legendary, he finds equal enjoyment in them; so long as he's not doing manual labor. Both combat and serenades come with their own amusements, and are the stuff of fanciful tales - getting sweaty by lifting or moving something is not. He's a consummate adventure-seeker, a bon vivant, and tale-teller. But, in case it has to be said again, hates to work. He's not lazy, he just has a massive disdain for bland.

Extravagance comes at a cost, of course. The more expensive the thing in question, the less he's prepared to pay for it. Not quite a mathematical mind so much as a bargaining one, Serus will not take a risk unless there's a good chance that he'll come out on the winning side. This applies to nearly everything he does. For example, if he believes that he will be chastised for doing something wrong, he'll find a way to pin it on someone else, or otherwise simply not do it. This usually leads to the man getting chased through town by those he calls compatriots, friends, and even lovers - but that only adds to the adventure!

As this is a world ravaged by war, combat is a necessity. Serus does not, however he may seem, condone the use of violence as a means of solving a problem unless it is the only solution. If a bank were being robbed? He would first try to talk the thieves down, or otherwise subdue them. If those same thieves were to start threatening innocents, he would still stay strong on this. But as soon as it became clear that those thieves would not stop their unlawful actions without violence, he would attempt to lay those thieves low as soon as possible. That being said, he hates using weaponry, or using magic for combat purposes. Magic for fun and profit, however, is an everyday thing.

History: Born in Silvermoon, the boy Serus was given free reign over the streets to play. He would, in the coming years, learn each nook and cranny well, and showing promise with the shambled-together instruments he would create with bits and pieces. Mostly, the instruments would be out of tune and impossible to tune correctly, but even so his songs - which he would create on the spot, it's said - became known around Silvermoon as bawdy limericks and raunchy songs. They would be mostly created in his adolescence, and as he matured they became more subtle and elegant in their terms. What was, in one song, obscene... Became precise and artful. But his own ego and dislike of the spotlight would disallow him from taking the spotlight for long, thinking that he would gain crowds of fans swarming him. And while that may or may not be true, he kept the question of it safe and sound by singing his songs, collecting his pay, and scampering before praise could be given.

His parents would often take trips around the countryside, being still quite madly in love and still quite in their romance stage of marriage. This left Serus alone but for his friends - and at that age, lovers as well. He had no want for attention, but his father did have a rival. A rival in the beauracracy. Due to his father's wealth, Serus was left rather well-off. But, when his parents simply did not come back from a trip to the Hinterlands, he suspected foul play. Delving deeper into it, he found red tape barring his path. That led him to his father's rival, who of course denied everything. But for the accusation, the vindictive rival found a ruling that allowed him to confiscate the Maeshon family wealth down to the last copper piece, into the custody of the government. This left Serus literally homeless, and desperate for a home.

Having heard of a certain business - that, some might say, has ill repute, but Serus knew better - that dealt in comfort, extravagance, and beauty... He couldn't help but arrive to see if he could trade his music and services for a place to stay. Better than the streets, if the hard work was grueling on him. He sunk deep into melancholy more than just a few times, as he had not been accustomed to that sort of thing. It was beneath him... Was. Now, he needed to do what needed to be done to simply live. So demeaning - yet after a while, even that had a sense of grace to it. It's a craft in and of itself, if annoying and base.

It's been many decades since he started living there; he found it quite charming just a few years in, and decided that the short amount of time on his contract was too short. And, while he could have left and attained a job at many other similar places, he stayed. He stayed, and in time, became acquainted with some others who were there - and they found that he was a suitable candidate for the tutelage in Arcane Shadow. While he preferred to use his magic in a kind of musical way - much to the disdain of one of his tutors, as it wasn't exactly correct and therefore needed to be done again - he did gain a semblance of power over the Shadow, and even learned a few 'utility' curses.

Today, Serus 'survives' rather well, almost as part of a family - and more than likely the black sheep of said family. He's rambunctious in comparison to the others, a charming and exuberant individual who would rather tell the tales of heroism in the world than the sad, sad stories of tragic losses in battle. One that he will relent on in this, however, is Sylvanas' fall to undeath and the Scourge. It's something he hardly does, but if requested, he'll tell that story too.
Nice! What an imagination.
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]
Could you please specify the character's OOC class in the profile? ( Warlock's the only class we allow! :) )
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
(12-14-2012, 07:03 AM)Rowgen Wrote: Could you please specify the character's OOC class in the profile? ( Warlock's the only class we allow! :) )

Done and done!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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