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Google AdStuff

Sex Change Costs $15
Hehehe, I found this to be a rather amusing feature from the live servers that they just implemented.


Oh, and of course you can get a name change as well if you wish so we don't get Steve the female paladin. :P
Yes I am aware you don't need to use it to change gender, I did that title purely to force people to look here :3
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So, another way for Blizzard to get even more money... <_<
[Image: 4a2947c8468b82a63f633580cf52f4d5.jpg]
Blackadder Wrote:So, another way for Blizzard to get even more money... <_<

My goodness, what a shock. What business would want to make more money?

All right, sarcasm off. I get a little irked when people complain about a business doing what it's supposed to, though. If they raised the monthly fees, that's one thing, but a little extra for a vanity treat that doesn't affect gameplay? More power to them.
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~Kurt Vonnegut
I actually find it hilarious.


There was a girl who RPed her character as a man...and then change it to a female a few months later, keeping his male look and what not.

I must say...It was quiet entertaining.
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Now how in the world would this be explained ICly... Body swap? 0_O
Huh, I don't think Blackadder was complaining. It's just amusing to see what kinds of price tags virtual items/alterations get and what kinds of services MMOs offer. No matter how you paint it or defend it, hustlers are hustlers and that's always funny.

Edited for clarity
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Phew, I thought name of thread is sex charge.

Anyways, I think they are doing smart steps to make more money.

Some maniacs who put wrong letter and are elite will rename! Oh help them!
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:P No no, it was just something I found that was funny, not a complaint. And yes, this would be -very- amusing to try and justify through RP.
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Vrahn Wrote::P No no, it was just something I found that was funny, not a complaint. And yes, this would be -very- amusing to try and justify through RP.

"I iz evil ghost of the Twisting Nether! I iz powahfull! I possessed random person of opposite sex! RAWR!".
There, I just gave you the explanation any decent vampire RPer would give to you in Goldshire. And no, that wasn't exactly a complaint, it was more of a sarcastic comment, it's really funny when they just grab anything they can and turn it into a profit machine.
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Why not have race change to? A dwarf to a human and vise versa.
Who Loves Orange Soda?
Racials are why you can't change race.

Heheh, it's strange what people will pay for.
I know of an MMO where you can pay for an official marriage with a real priest in a church in-game.
That is an interesting concept for something to charge. I wonder how successful it was.
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Hey, don't give them ideas. They'd probably charge $50 for a race change. :) Since WoW isn't that in-depth, race changes would be no biggy. Just keep the same class, level, and transfer professions.

Heck, there's one private server that lets you do it for free. (Well, it costs gold to do.)
˜★Sketch Blog
I just giggle like heck when I see the advertisements. X] It's not actually a bad idea, seeing as some people give each other their characters... Might want to tweak them a bit and stuff. But yeah, it's rather silly. Yay, more money for Blizzard... Maybe they'll hurry up and finish Starcraft 2 now. Lol.
I can understand why people might want this. Fifteen dollars is sort of a trivial cost too, considering most people that make minimum wage just need to work two hours to make that much. That's about as much as a meal and a drink at most bars that I know.

I think there is a reasonable aesthetic market for this. People always want to touch up a few things especially if you have been playing the same character to endgame and something has been bugging you this whole time.

I kind of had an altercation with some one that I had been playing with casually - discussion over a topic got me to a point where I had to say 'Sorry, I don't want to play with you any more,' and ignored him. That's how I got my very special own World of Warcraft stalker. He had two accounts going at once, so he could find me on his horde character, and kill me with his end game alliance character. I could /ignore him, but he'd make new characters. I talked to the GMs, but this person was beyond persistent.

I could have really used a fifteen dollar identity change at that point!
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