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Anchorite Telah Wrote:We, the Exiled Ones, are dwindling and have been for millennia. Ever since our mothers and fathers left Argus and our traitorous brethren behind to evade the wicked reach of the Legion. The odds we have faced have seemed insurmountable, yet we have prevailed through sacrifice.

Times have changed, but our struggles remain the same. We, the people of the Naaru, have to remember the oath to our saviours. And we must remember what is best for the survival of our kin. Too many have lost faith and allowed sloth to take hold, slipping away from necessity and duty to the Draenei.

Until the Finals Days of the Army of the Light, we are but one family. Everyone brother or sister, the young your children, the old your elders.

              ~ Anchorite Telah

Prof. Ficklespitz Wrote:Sha’kur
noun, plural
  1. redeeming Light
  2. redeemers of the Light
Origin: on Draenor around War of Shifting Sands; a short form of “shat K’ure” which is a term honouring the fallen inter-dimensional being K’ure. In modern times it is commonly known as the name of a conglomeration of above mentioned race.

              ~ Professor Ficklespitz, anthropologist and curator at Ironforge Library

We are...
              ...a union of draenei that strives to uphold our peoples most sacred oath, sworn to the naaru K’ure at the dawn of our exodus. It is our duty to prepare the Army of the Light and recruit other mortals to it’s ranks. It is our duty to guard the cultural, historical and racial heritage of the Exiled Ones, lest the oath is broken. We fear not the need to enforce draenic ways upon our brethren.

Sha’kur was initiated by anchorite Telah while he lead a pilgrimage for his people across the remnants of Draenor. The exact events that inspired him remains untold but his inspiration was surely divine.

              Four virtues govern our path, through hardship and uncertainty.
  • Obedience - we acknowledge the burden of duty of making decisions and the importance of hierarchy.
  • Courage - we accept the necessity of sacrifices and are prepared to suffer them ourselves for the greater good of the Exiled Ones.
  • Intelligence - we respect the experience and knowledge of our elders and seek to bestow the same wisdom to our young. Thought always comes before action.
  • Honour - we honour our words and recognize our strength and never shall we strike against those weaker nor turn our backs on them.

A third of the Exiled Ones that make up the Triumvirate of Sha'kur, the leading council of the communion. Each triumvir represents a branch of draenei society: the pursuit of knowledge, the care and healing of others, and warfare. The powers is theirs to elevate, demote or even exile brethren, a power shared with the Grand Anchorite.

              Grand Anchorite
The Grand Anchorite serves as the religious leader of Sha’kur and as a moral advisor to their Triumvirate. In times of crisis or otherwise exceptional events the grand anchorite can assume command over the conglomerate and outrank the ruling council.

A guard tasked with the protection of fellow members of Sha’kur, but a duty not just for a harbinger. The skills of a scout or even an interrogator are needed to safekeep the conglomerate. At times a peacekeeper may be asked to enforce the Virtues of the Holy Light of Creation or even pass judgement when a brethren has fallen.

The hands that feed the hungry, heals the injured and comforts the mourning. Their duty is to care for Sha’kur and makes none has to be hungry, wounded or unclothed. Draenei from many paths of life become caregivers, be it as a healer or a provisioner.

A draenei representative of the communion sent to act as an advisor within allied factions. It is their duty to guide those in power according to the goals of Sha’kur. An emissary is usually tasked with guiding one faction at a time.

The chosen non-draenei representative of an allied faction. Their purpose is to enlighten the communion about the ways of their group to improve interaction between the two. The knowledge will also be taken into consideration by the Triumvirate in their governance.

Contrary to the name, this is a member of the communion but one that has yet to shoulder specific duties or responsibilities. Instead he or she are at the disposal of higher ranking draenei of Sha’kur.

Q - Can my alt join?
A - No. Sha’kur is for active characters and all recruitment will be handled In Character. The guild is not a kindergarten for your unused draenei alts. Profile is a big plus.

Q - Can my non-draenei join?
A - Probably not. The only members of Sha’kur that are not Exiled Ones are ambassadors of factions of the mortal races. Membership for these representatives will be handled through In Character interaction. Only factions or guilds that see active roleplay on CotH will be considered.

Q - How do I join?
A - Approach a member of the Triumvirate or the Grand Anchorite. They can be reached through other members of Sha’kur. (I highly recommend leaving in-game letters with players to deliver to them.)

Prof. Ficklespitz Wrote:Oath - when spoken about with definitive article, the draenei refer to the vow the original exiles from Argus made to the naaru. It entails forging alliances that will become an army and prepare those that join to war against the Burning Legion.

Final Days - forms may vary but they all refer to the same event, that being when their gathered army will face the Burning Legion and it’s leader(s), speculatively an intra-planar battle set in the Twisting Nether. Common variations are; “fated day”, “days of doom”, “end of darkness”.
              ~ Professor Ficklespitz, from "Theological terminology of the draenei"

              The Bond
The Holy Light is emotion, and can become a messenger of such. Every draenei is born with an inner Light, the blessing placed upon them by the Naaru. Through training and guidance of an anchorite it is possible to share emotions when in physical contact. This is done to increase understanding, further unity and lessen the burdens of sorrow and doubt. It is possible for non-draenei that can wield the Light to participate in this ceremony but requires a constant channeling of the holy energies. Draenei that have joined bonded frequently may experience a vague, empathic connection over vast distances.

More coming soon! Lavish graphics and a wiki-page.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
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