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Shades of Silver
A New Challenge

              Rain relentlessly casts itself down against the stone walls of the Tyr’s Hand Keep. Within its depths he paces next to a dimly lit desk. Gaelin pauses at the chair and picks up the scrap of paper.

[Image: Parchment.png]

              A low sigh escapes the Recruit.

              “Is something the matter, ser?” By chance an Argent Squire had been on a nearby bench. Gaelin turned towards the boy enough to hold the blank parchment over his arm. Not many are able to sneak up on the Demon Hunter, but the gentleness of a child won out today.

              “What is your name?” Gaelin asked politely.


              “Good evening Collin. Do you know how to write?”

              “I’ve been writing since I was eight, ser.”

              “Ah, forgive me. How old are you now?”

              “Thirteen. How old are you?”

              A smirk tugs buds on the corner of the elf’s lips, “One thousand two hundred and eighty-five.”

              A momentary pause hangs as Collin processes the response. “I’m supposed to respect my elders.. and you’re the eldest I’ve met!”

              Gaelin softly chuckles at the child’s response. “Well, I need help to write a letter. Can you do this?” He extends the empty parchment in question.

              “Yes, ser.” Collin gets up from his seat and takes the paper with a smile. He then plops down in the chair at the desk. He spreads the paper out and prepares a quill to write. “How should it start?”

              “Write; Commander Dawnsend.”


              “The patrol today did not go well. We were ambushed by a patrol of Risen Scarlets and two Suu.. demons.” Gaelin hesitates and looks to the boy.

              “What was the last word?”

              “Demons. Risen Scarlets and two demons.”

              “I’m all caught up now.”

              Gaelin nods and leans against the wall next to the table. “We dispatched the enemies with light injuries.” Afterwards a lingering silence hangs heavy in the air.

              “What else, ser?”

              “Collin, sometimes some details are best left unspoken.”

“What do you mean?”

              “You have no pointed out my blindfold, why?”

              “It would be rude, ser.”

              “Why do you think so?”

              “It’s not my business.” he says mechanically.

              “Hmm, in the same way, the details how were ambushed would be best left unspoken. You would do well not to talk down your allies, Collin.”

              “Because that would be rude.”

              “Exactly. The story doesn’t change with me trying to blame someone for what happened.”

              “How should the letter end, then?”

              “Put a space between that section and this one. It is my recommendation that patrols are continued to be sent out. Heavily armed and with a focus on keeping a lookout towards the flanks.”

              “That means watch your backs?”

              “Correct Collin.” he says mildly impressed. “Skip a line and write; signed, Gaelin Silverstring.”

              “Done. Want me to take it to the Commander?”

              “Please. If he’s not in, then just leave it on his desk.”

              “Yessir!” With that the Argent Squire slides off the chair and runs up the stairs.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
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[Image: Janice.png]
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.

[Image: Rusty.png]
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
[-] The following 2 users Like Ural's post:
  • Caravan, Krilari

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