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Shamans in the Cenarion Circle?
Well, I've had an idea about shamans. If there was a shaman who had similar views on nature and such as a druid/Kaldorei, would said shaman be able to have access to the Cenarion Circle?

I was just wondering. And also, there's actually a human in Moonglade, just thought I'd throw that out there.

I can see why they wouldn't allow one, but then again it doesn't seem like something totally crazy.

"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Shamans are about the elemental part of nature and while they may feel some sort of.... kinship... with druids, they are two completely different beings. Also, Orcs would NEVER be allowed into the Cenarion Circle.
While its not entirely impossible (they do have outsiders, yeah), it wouldn't be easy. And even then I'd think that non-druids would only be in at arms length. As in, sure they can say they're part of it, but that's about it, no coolio perks or missions for them.
Fair enough. I'm planning for my next character, a Tauren Shaman, to have him as part of the Cenarion Circle.

So would that be alright?
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
All races are, in fact, allowed into the Cenarion Circle.
I also think that there's non-druids working for it, albeit taking less important tasks than the proper druids.

Shamans and Druids serve different purposes though, I think? The Druids only serve Nature, while the Shamans serve the Elemental Spirits. Would they ever have conflicting interests, and thus make it tricky for Shamans to work in the Circle? I have no idea, but perhaps it has something to do with it :)
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
The Cenarion Circle is solely for Druids. As far as the lore is extended; to allow any outsiders could disrupt the balance of the druidic kinship with the Earth.

The Earthen Ring is where the shamans belong; and hold the same viewpoint regarding outsiders. While both orders are mutually exclusive; they do understand and hold their acknowledgements for one another, and what their roles are. I think for either following to allow an outsider, would tarnish the otherwise clandestine bond.

To that end, I'd personally say to have him be amongst the Earthen Ring. While it wouldn't be the Cenarion Circle; the two hold essentially the same understanding and views; they just focus on different aspects to maintain the same altruism. There's nothing that would stop the two groups from collaborating, of course; but to begin swapping different sorts amongst their orders would be nothing shorts of unsettling - to either faction.
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I'm a Shaman? Really? Huh.
If it´s not a druid I think it would be better to keep him as an outsider, maybe a goal of his could be to become accepted as a Cenarion member, though it would seem more natural to me that a shaman would like to be part of the Earthen Council/Circle/whatever.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

*facepalms repeatedly* I -completely- forgot about the Earthern Ring thingywhatchamcallit.

Thanks for the help!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
As for the human in Moonglade, I would say it's a bad joke from Blizzard and without thinking of roleplay and lore. I did some background check on him and could not find much besides the fact that his quests are related to Silithus.
Also he's supposed to say funny things like:
Quote:I should talk to Dewey about some sort of notation system to keep these books better organized.
Undoubtly related to The Dewey Decimal Classification.
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While checking it up, I found the following story in the Dark Factions RPG Book:

Tajarri stared into the wide, blue eyes of the beardless human standing before her.
“Yet another druid has successfully completed the trial of the lake,” she said to the youth, whose
broad, innocent grin immediately brought a smile to her face. “Well done, my young friend,” she
added, “well done indeed.” It was a privilege for Tajarri to test students who came to Moonglade for
further druidic training.

The youth shyly mumbled his thanks and bowed courteously. There was wisdom in his bright, young
eyes, and Tajarri could tell he would become an important asset in the Cenarion Circle's neverending
battle. “You are most assuredly developing yourself into a valued protector of nature,” she said.
And Cenarius knows how desperately the world needs people such as yourself, she did not add.

I was thinking that if they're not the same person, then it atleast makes the human standing around ingame somewhat likely :)
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
How about my Wildhammer Dwarf? Would he be able to join? He worships the earthmother, which would automaticly make him worship Mu'sha, An'she and probably Cenarius?
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.
Trying to enter to Cenarion Circle without having the usual requirements will only make its structure get deteriorated. Perhaps just aiding the Circle and doing things for its favor would just work as fine as being a member, if you love the Circle and want it to reach its goal that much.
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Gorlak Bonegrinder - Orc Warrior
My advice is that if it´s not a Tauren or Night Elf druid it´s better to not begin as a Cenarion Circle member (likewise with the Earthen Circle, but for shamans not Troll, Tauren or Orc). Better start out maybe as an associate, someone who has helped the Circle once or twice, and then work, IRP, to become a larger part of the organization.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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