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Shat Ports in Goblin Town(s)
Since much RPing goes on in goblin towns, and the fact that we cannot ride zeppelins or boats, there should be Shattrah City Portals to and from in golblin town(s), especially BB and Ratchet, if not all of them.

For example, for a Horde player to get to BB without a boat or zep, he must either take the portal from Darkshore to SW and then walk/fight down to BB, or, if the flight path is already obtained, port to UC and fly across the entire continent. Long much?

The Alliance has a similar situation in getting to Ratchet. So, I believe this suggestion should at least be considered. And if I'm just crazy, so be it.B)
My only other RP experience is SWG...Starsider, anyone?

Fans, UNITE!
I think the boats are working now, yes? no?
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
It's a great suggestion, but some sort of travel has to take place. I mean, all our characters would have huge butts if they could just portal wherever they wanted. Why even get up off the couch when you can portal to the kitchen?


I am pretty sure Kretol was working on portals at either end of the docks to nullify the boats and zeppelins since they are so frequently broken.
Boats work.

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