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Shawnee Beltwrench [Gnome warrior]
This is a full re-write, by the way.

Player: Rokhjin

Character Full Name: Shawnee Beltwrench

Character In-Game Name: Shawnee

Nickname(s): Girl, beggar, jouster.

Association(s): Herself.

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Scavenger: Due to her low birth, the Gnome has learned to live off what she can find.

Age: 18

Sex: Female.

Hair: mouse-brown.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 14kg

Height: 77,4cm

Usual Garments/Armor: The young Gnome is usually seen in rags. Most of them seeming to be on the verge of falling apart. All of her clothing looks old and worn and some of it not even the right size for her. In colder areas, she'd seem ill equipped to deal with the temperature.

Personality: Shawnee would generally seem to be quite friendly to those around her. Usually spotted around populated, warmer areas, the small woman would usually be seen begging for some coins in order to buy food and water to get through the day.

History: Shawnee was born to a pair of average, if poor, Gnomes. Barely enough money to keep the household fed, Shawnee and, not long after, her brother set out into the streets to bring in some extra coin to help support their family. While on the streets, Shawnee learned to see value in what other, better off, Gnomes would see as trash and so her family paddled on.

It was a mere eight years after her birth that Troggs invaded the Gnomish city, forcing its inhabitants to either die, be irradiated, or flee to the neighboring Dwarves. During the flight, the two Gnomish siblings had lost their parents in the mad flight and, as opposed to searching for them in the lost city, the two youngsters instead joined wit hthe main stream of evacuees to build a new life in Ironforge.

Broke, young and wholly homeless, Shawnee and her younger brother roamed the Ironforge streets in search of coin. Begging bread and water where they could, the two little people lived from day to day yet, as they traversed the Ironforge Commons one day, a group caught their eye. They appeared to be acting out a big battle... Though, with only four participants, their battle consisted mostly of mock blows and loud calls and the sounds of warhorns. However, as the group finished and the crowd slowly dispersed, a lot of the onlookers left some coin for the act they'd just witnessed which gave the two Gnomes an idea.

Befriending one of the actors, a resident of Ironforge, the two young Gnomes learned to do their own act. Over the course of a few months, the three of them had trained a stray dog and a pig to allow the two small actors to ride them and, donning fake armour and lances, the two siblings jousted. They might've been bad at it at first, though the two quickly learned how to sit and how to hit and their act was soon underway.

Doing their act in various places around Ironforge and the outlying areas, the two Gnomes quickly grew dependant on their act but survived because of it. Though not too bad at jousting -for Gnomes riding a dog and a pig- they'd quickly realized that comedy seemed to attract more people, and coins, than true battle. And so they traveled, glad to amuse the people that'd come look and, when possible, even gladder when hired to do bigger things.

The two did their act for more than few years and the little girl Shawnee had grown into a young, lean woman. Their animals grew more accustomed to the show with every performance, their skill became greater and greater as they practiced and even their painted on armour seemed to become more realistic, though still fake in every way. However, it was not to be...

With war brewing all around them, Shawnee's brother decided it was time for bigger things and, one morning, he decided to enroll into the military. No matter how much Shawnee pleaded for him to rethink his decision, it made no matter and the two were soon seperated. Shawnee was left alone with a pig and a dog and barely any coin to feed the three of them with as her brother left to fight his war.

The short, even for a Gnome, and lanky youngster now simply travels to make a living. Begging off richer men and women, she hopes to simply manage to feed and water herself and her two animal companions.
Very interesting character concept. Initial Approval
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
There are never enough street-performer characters!


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