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Shilling for my new RP community
Well, CoTH died a long time ago, but a lot of you come back to pay respects... and, well, I figure you need a place to stay now. Recently I started up a Garry's Mod Serious RP Fallout server for me and a friend, we want to kickstart a community, and right now I need peoples.

So, care for some roll-based combat, warring factions, post-apocalyptic RP? Check us out. We're still in development but any traffic is good traffic. The server is up, with the proper gamemode, and we're still adding more and more. The forums are very, very barebones right now, and I'll work on them.


Feel free to come join the party. Or don't. Square.

pls kret no bannerino i only advertiserino my serverino

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