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Shingahla [Goblin Warrior]
| name = Beltzy Teryx (in-game name: Shingahla)
| image =
| title = Traveler
| faction = Horde
| race = [[Goblin]]
| gender = Female
| class = [[Warrior]]
| age = 30
| height = 4'2”
| weight = 80 lbs
| eyes = Hazel
| hair = Green, short
| affiliation = N/A
| companions = Shirley
| alignment = Neutral
| player = [[User:Wuvvums|Wuvvums]]

'''Usual Garments and Armor:''' Shingahla wears little, and dresses with a tribal theme. Her armor is adorned with feathers and fur, and is made of sturdy cloth or leather. Sometimes she wears the skull of an animal, or a tribal mask.

'''Other:''' Her chest and arms are covered in red tattoos, and her ears are pierced three studs on each side, and one hoop on the left ear. She carries with her an oversized bow and sword.

Shingahla loves traveling, and remains a faithful companion to her friend, Shirley. She has taken it upon herself to act as a body guard and protector. She is often prone to saying the wrong thing or making mistakes, which are often met with a not-so-punishing bonk on the head.

Despite being somewhat of a follower and a pushover, Shingahla doesn't see herself as a minion and follows her friend willingly. She is not as driven by coin, so long as she can enjoy certain vices. Given how alcohol is practically handed to her and she can hunt her own food, the goblin is very content with her life. She loves seeing new places, and though she is not the brains she does like being observant and throwing out her own thoughts.

Shingahla is somewhat uncaring of others, at least of those who get themselves hurt doing dumb things, or lost. She can be rather snide at times because of that.

Shingahla was born around the first war, when the formation of the goblin trade empire had started. Her parents had moved out of Kezan at the time, hoping to take advantage of the opportunity of goblin expansion. They settled into Booty Bay in Stranglethorn, where she spent most of her infant life. They mostly ran shipments between Booty Bay and the Gurubashi Arena, mostly transporting slave gladiators. Since she couldn’t be left alone, she was often strapped to her mother in a sling until she was able to stand and walk on her own.

At the age of 3 one of her caravans was ransacked by bandits, and set on fire. Not only was the cargo stolen but most of the workers, including her parents, were taken prisoner. She was overlooked; however, the zippy goblin in her small size was able to elude them under the smoke and mostly averted their gaze since she was below their knees.

She took into the jungle where she wouldn’t last long without any parental supervision, especially given how she was ready to eat those delicious-looking, poisonous red berries. Before she could chomp down on any a rather large, three-fingered hand grabbed her by the back of her shirt and lifted her up. She was snatched up by a troll, who looked upon her with amusement instead of hostility and rage. She was about the size of a small animal, and could only babble in goblin, so the troll did the most appropriate thing and kept her as a pet.

They lived along the coast of Stranglethorn where she grew, and was taught to hold a sword and shoot a bow and arrow. She was able to hunt and feed herself as she got bigger, and make clothes from the hides of animals. Shingahla was not a very willing guest to the household though; she was kept on a very tight leash, sometimes literally.

The Shattering changed that when a tidal wave had hit their home. The water swept away the hut, and the troll and the goblin. She was able to keep above water for some time, but she eventually passed out. When she came to she was met by the sight of another female goblin who was slightly taller than her. Shirley, sporting similar attire to her, had pulled her from the waters and saved her life.

She found the other goblin was more a willing participant in the trollish ways (which confounded her, but she chose not to question and insult her savior) and lived in the area. Her home was also wrecked, and so it seemed best to move on. She did not know what Shirley's main goals were, she had a vague understanding it was seeking out objects of power. But she was itching to move on, and without her family and friends to connect to, her best bet was to stick with the only goblin she “knew.”

They have been traveling companions ever since.

[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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