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Should I return?
Hrm. It sounds like, to me, that you want people to give you reasons to come back, but when they do you talk yourself out of it. I mean, if you don't want to come back, there's nothing stopping you there either, really.

The best advice I can give you? Either wait a week and see if you still have interest, or just dive in and log on and see if you have fun. Without doing either of those things, you'll just hem and haw over if you want to be here or not because it doesn't really seem like you're convinced, even by those you're already friends with.
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I'm playing right now.. have since yesterday? Just needed to know if it was still active, or not.
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Worst thing that happens? You waste hours of your life you can probably afford to waste since your on here waiting for the help anywho >.< but you already know where I stand
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